Sunday, January 18, 2015

Polymeri Online 18.1.15 | Weaving Polymer Baskets, Lace and owls, Fisherman keychain, Atmosphere polymer clay, Playing with oil paint & Valentines day polymer clay free tutorials ideas

Polymer clay in basket weaving?
January was my month of crafts. 
I had an urge to try "ancient" crafts such as basket weaving.

Taking a pause from routines and looking sideways is always good for creativity.

So I started my weaving classes with a local artist (Tal Shemesh from Israel) using palm branches as the base for our baskets.
The branches are soaked in water for 24 hours prior to working and then they are pliable and flexible.
That being said, you cannot imagine my sore fingers after every single workshop. It's real hard work! 

Being a polymer clay artist, I had to give the basket my personal touch and first made rough beads, later replaced with "retro" beads. 
My teacher (never worked with polymer clay) was quite happy with the original piece ;)

The basket was supposed to be an umbrella container but after almost all our umbrellas broke (or got lost by the children) it's temporarily acting as a decorative vase :) 

Online inspiration? Let's see...

Anastasia's lacy designs
Anastasia Astafieva has a magical Instagram appearance. 
Her designs range from doll pendants, tiny embroidery clay pieces, lacy polymer, and many photos of her traveling adventures.

She is sharing some of her process photos in her blog and in her YouTube channel. 

If you're looking for clean, well photographed inspiration, follow her account.

Fisherman's keychain
Another fun Instagram find is Lyubov Elovskaya's fish keychain and elephant necklace designs. 
Although her Instagram is still in it's starting point take a look and follow.

Nevenue's jewelry
Nevenue's flickr gallery is all about texture, paints, atmosphere and rough surfaces.
Her name "Nevenue" stands for "a new avenue of her life".
She became passionate about polymer clay in 2011. It has been ever since an instrument of communicating her inner-self. (sale goes for many of us, I think)

Christine's polymer and oil paints
Christine Kaczmarek worked in many mediums but her favorite is polymer clay. She has been working with ceramic clay but keep coming back to polymer. 
Her inspiration comes from all around ever since she started, back in the 80s.
She is playing with millefiori canning as well as oil paint on polymer.

Valentine's day inspiration
Not polymer but wouldn't it be fun to create your own polymer clay Valentine's Day stones and paint them with markers? Round, heart shaped - everything goes! Great activity with children too!

A reminder to some of the Valentine's day freebies you will find in my PolyPediaOnline polymer clay tutorials page - Crocheted photo frame & a speedy heart cane! 
You'll need to enter your email address to receive the access page by email.

Have fun!

Free polymer clay valentines day tutorial
Crocheted photo frame
Free polymer clay valentines day tutorial
Speedy millefiori heart cane