Thursday, November 27, 2014

Polymeri Online 27.11.14 | Pam's Millefiori haute couture, Molds and cookies and buttons, Make your own sculpturing tools, Polymer belts, Masking tape to the rescue & De-stashing sale in my "garage"

Pam's Millefiori haute couture
Pamela Carmen’s flickr gallery is full of colorful animals decorated with endless blooming millefiori canes.
Fish, owls, birds, hens, frogs, all of them gets their coat of flowers.
In her owl sculpture she mentions ceramic as her base while only the veneer is canes.

Molds and cookies! :)
Nerd Ecrafter posted a video for creating your own molds using only liquid translucent clay (she is using TLS by Polyform). She took an oreo cookie, embedded it into the liquid, baked it (twice) and created her mold instantly. You can use this technique to create any mold of your choice from your found objects as long as they are oven proof! yay!

Molds and buttons
Talking about molds, here is another example by artist Elena Semin, taking a button with a nice pattern and creating 2 molds/casts to form a double-sided bead with a pre made channel –
Don’t forget to take a look at the glowing snowflake tutorial– fun and easy project just in time for winter!

Make your own sculpturing tools

Ever wanted to create your own sculpturing tools? Diane Foster‎ published this PDF file on the “Polymer Clay Tutorial Collectors” FB group showing how to transform simple tools into sculpturing tools! The ebook is written by G. Schellert.

Polymer belt necklace
Ingrid Ulrich’s belt accessory is beautifully adapted to polymer clay. Stamped and antiqued it is giving the impression of the real thing. Located in Germany she is playing with various techniques in her designs.

Masking tape to the rescue
Remove excess polymer clay powders
Christelle Van Lingen shared in her Pinterest gallery a tip she credit Christie Friesen. By using a masking tape you can take off any excess powder left on your stamped image. I learned this trick from Laurie Mika when I was her student several years ago, when she used it on extra foil left on a design. That is really a neat trick.

I am de-stashing some of my extra tools and findings, if you’re interested you can take a look of what’s left, in my FB gallery –

Have a great thanksgiving holiday if you're celebrating, and a great rest of the week :)


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