Monday, November 10, 2014

Polymeri Online 10.11.14 | 3D polymer illusions, Ziggy the whimsical mask, Free geometric jewellery patterns, Find your findings, Miniatures stories and Animal charms donation

3D polymer clay bracelet by Tanya
Take a look at Tanya’s 3D bracelet. Looks like the shapes are popping out – right?
Tanya Mayorov is playing with shapes, textures, colors, illusions and creating big beads, small beads, big bracelets, small mosaics, all in vibrant, heavy beautiful antiqued techniques. Her colors are dark and earthy. Love it. 
Don’t miss her gallery on livemaster site –

Wonderful necklaces patterns
for your polymer clay designs
Geometric jewelry patterns are a great option when you’re out of ideas for a pendant or necklace designs. Circles, triangles, squares, pentagons and other shapes can easily and beautifully create a harmonic design.
Kokolat blog posted several options for you to try. Just print and trace!

Wendy's Wall hangings masks
Masks! A bit late for Halloween but these masks will inspire you to use yours as wall hangings.

Ziggy, Joy, Bali and Forrest are all mysterious creatures with a face, expression and a lot of humor. 
Wendy Sollod has been working with polymer clay since 1993. She is a self-taught artist, she combines her delicate patterns of polymer clay into whimsical riots of color- masks, sculptures and wearable art that are each as vibrant and individual as the customers who collect them.

Belkomor hollow polymer clay end caps
Belkomor, already featured several times in this blog, posted several of her recent designs including ink stamping; carving and creating gradient chip beads. Her inspiration for this piece was paper.
Note the hollow cone (end cap) at the end of her necklace, which she created herself. That can be an option when you are looking for matching “findings” and cannot “find” it.

Kseniya's animal kingdom
Kseniya Dolgopolova’s art room is full of fairytales and animals.
Each pendant/brooch of hers is a full story in miniature dimensions. 
Note the small details, every little thing is being planned carefully into a perfect creations.
She is a “frequent poster" in the LiveJournal forum, which is great because we can enjoy more of her creations and her previous feature was her turtle pendant.

polymer clay animal charms
donation to 269life sanctuary farm
I have been playing with some of my old designs. A sanctuary farm in my town organised a fair to raise money to help rescued farm animals. They are just starting their way and already have young cows, hens and baby lamb. 
It's amazing how friendly, peaceful and kind these creatures are. 
In all my 40 years (43 but not counting) I've never seen them so close.

To help raise money I've donated charms, keychains and pins.
They are a similar version to a set I made a year ago to a theatre show finale. Here is a video showing how I made them last time.

In every day that goes by I feel obliged to do something so the world will be a better place for us, for the animals; dog, pig or cow they all deserve respect as living beings.
polymer clay animal charms
donation to 269life sanctuary farm
In the next couple of weeks, I will be donating 10% of my site sales to the 269life farm. If you're interested in helping you're welcome aboard.

See you soon!


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