Saturday, May 10, 2014

Polymeri Online 10.5.14 | Portugal's polymer colors, Personalised cutlery, Summer-is-here ice cream pen tutorial, Bicycle tires stamps and my new PPE website launching soon

Bokwus polymer clay jewelry
Bokwus - Susana Alves has her own  accessories store in Lisbon, Portugal (if I understood the translation correctly) and uses polymer clay in a wide variety of colours and geometric ethnic designs together with embroidery polymer.
Her jewellery designs are alive and vibrant and her keychain collection is so lovely.
With 69K Facebook fans I am sure her style is very much loved.

Speaking of polymer clay embroidery, here is a quick 2 minutes video (although this work is not considered quick at all!!) showing you the process and patience it requires.
Love the music ;)
Mo Clay offered many polymer clay video tutorials in her channel including spiderman cane, ghost and halloween bat cane.

Rada's fun polymer clay personalised cutlery
Serbian artist Rada Danilovic's Etsy shop is full of cute and colourful personalised cutlery.
Since early childhood she learned from her mother, grandmother and aunts all about the handmade work - sewing, knitting and crocheting.  In her profession she is an agricultural engineer but life took her in a creative path and in the past 10 years she is working as an interior and furniture designer.
When becoming a mother, she discovered a new medium - polymer clay. 
Her designs are happy, colourful and fun. You could find a set for each mood or theme!

Polyform free polymer clay ice-cream pen tutorial
Polyform people are doing a lot of marketing these days, promoting their new tools and materials which look very attractive and appealing... Yum!
They have announced the new Souffle clay and many other tools we'd be happy to add to our studio.
Here is one of the tutorials I found in their newly designed website demonstrating a fun ice-cream theme for a pen. So cute!
Add this one to your activities list during kids summer vacation!

Use your old bicycle tires to create stamps!
What would you do with your old bicycle tires? trow them away? No!
Use them to create stamps!
In this super cool project you can cut pieces of old bicycle tires, adhere them onto a wooden stamp or block and stamp polymer clay with it!
This is the coolest idea, thank you Michele Beschen for posting this and to Anke Humpert for posting this in her FB!

ta daaaam.....
Next weeks' post will finally reveal what the sign on the right means - PPE, Plus freebies and a poll.
Any idea what PPE stands for?
My new website is ready for launch, if you want to be the first to see it (i'd be happy to hear your reviews as well), email me to imishly[at] and I will send you the link.
You can also join PolyPediaOnline mailing list to be notified about it.

See u soon!

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  1. I'm glad that you noticed my fun cutlery :). It`s a nice way to promote the artists and their works. When I started working with polime clay, you were my artist whom I admired :)