Monday, May 26, 2014

Finally! My New Facelift! :) Announcing the new PolyPediaOnline Express site & choosing a new website logo

I decided to have a face lift.
Not to myself :)

In the past year I received notes from you guys, letting me know my current website is a little bit too crowded to browse in.
It was cozy and small when I started it 4 years ago but now...a bit too full...

I needed a new plan to build a new website.
A site for all my current tutorials and future classes.

Having you, my students and customers in mind, I started my long quest into building a brand new site, taking all your requests and inputs, all the huge existing amount of data, thinking of an easier way to deliver it to you - single and full classes, technique and final products, freebies and paid classes, full accessibility to each project.

Like all hand made work, It was tough, demanding, challenging, sometimes frustrating & took quite a while, BUT!
I kept going, knowing it would make a huge difference in your web experience.

The time has come to unveil the curtains!

I am proud to present you my new and improved - PolyPediaOnline Express website.

This website was built especially for you!

I have divided my entire master classes into smaller, easier, affordable sections, projects and tasks.
You can now enjoy all my known classes separated into smaller and shorter chapters, offering each of you, the possibility to learn new techniques according to your own prefference, ability, level or time and upgrade your polymer clay knowledge quickly and much easily.

Single classes?
All classes?
Bracelets only?
Calla lily's fan?
Beads enthusiast?

It's up to your personal choice or desire.
Easy browsing, categories, quick and smart search, secured checkout, special bundle combination and much more!

The Express site includes 135 classes offered as separate or multi-combinations projects in addition to supplies, tools and materials!

Did I mention it's all automatic?
PDF files will be sent as direct downloadable files!

To celebrate the launch of my new website I am including you in my final decisions, giving prizes and sharing new Freebies!

The first decision I need your help in, is helping me choose PolyPediaOnline Express new LOGO!
I just can't decide which one!

$50 gift card raffle -
Enter, vote and you may win!
One of you friends, commenting/replying to the link below will win a 50$ gift card in my new Express store!

Want to know how to enter to win and vote?
Click on this link to read all the details and vote! -

P.S. – Don’t miss the special 20%OFF coupon code for extra 20% discount on all tutorials! Enter the code 20%OFF on checkout and the amount will be automatically reduced from your cart!

Valid until June 7th 2014!

See you in several days with more Express celebration and new Express FREEbies videos!




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