Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Polymeri Online 6.11.13 | My winter promises, Rustic polymer clay buttons tutorial, Dreidels and ornaments, Polymer airlines, Reversible necklace moon and stars cane and Dragon heads fantasy

It's the middle of the week and I'm getting ready for a special polymer guest coming to visit me here in Israel. I'm so excited to see her again and we plan to enjoy a full week together, touring around the country and see the main attractions.
If you're wondering who it is, you'll have to wait for my next post or follow me on FB, I guess we will post pictures there...

After the intensive work I am taking a short break from polymer clay work (no worries, just a short one) and working on another favorite craft - crochet. This winter I promise myself to start (and hopefully finish) a "granny square" blanket, so I purchased a tutorial by Lisa Clarke and started to work on my squares. Some of them will be flowers, some others. I am still a beginner with crochet but the repetitive process is so relaxing and enjoyable.

A crochet carpet I made from torn bed sheets, 
Guess who is enjoying it's beauty and comfort? 
Starting to work on my squares

Lisa Clarke's Rustic Buttons tutorial
Lisa Clarke, my virtual crochet mentor, which is a very talented knitter and a polymer clay artist, shares in her blog many of her trials, projects and ideas.
Here is one of them showing a cool way to create rustic-looking buttons by using clay, powders, cutting and exchanging shades/shapes and these are rolled flat to create a pattern sheet as a base to her buttons. Really cool!

Shulamit Raanan's Dreidel
One of my Israeli colleague, Shulamit Raanan is already organized her shop for the holidays - both Christmas and Hanukah with fun dreidels and ornaments. Every year I want to make my own dreidel and every year something is keeping me from doing it... maybe this year?

Polymer on planes?
Thomas Otto is covering air planes! No, seriously, it's not United Airlines planes, they are a bit smaller, He then add a cool looking pilot (mouse!) and Tada!
He shares his process of creating an armature with wire and aluminum foil and after the base is ready, he is covering it with clay.
Looks like a lot of hard work!

Moon and stars cane tutorial on YouTube
Teresa Pandora Salgado published a video on YouTube showing you how to create beads. It is a basic class but it is always nice to see new ways of work and Teresa mentioned a new material she is using as a finish to her polymer clay pieces - Aleen's Jewelry Pendant Gel. She mentions it in her next Reversible necklace video. Teresa is also recommending to save your coffee lids to use as side support while reducing your canes. Recycling!

Dragon heads by Makosla
Makosla Creations (Canadian artist Astrid Ayora Carvajal) focuses on Dragons and fantasy sculpture. She is doing mainly dragon heads but you can find cats and other designs as well.

Have a great week! Weekend is only few days away :)


  1. Thanks for sharing my button tutorial and my blanket pattern! I think crochet has a lot in common with polymer, actually. And I love how portable it is - I can't work on polymer while sitting on the couch with my family, but I can make a granny square :-)

    1. Thank YOU Lisa, for being such a good teacher and inspiration!

  2. Dear Iris,
    Thank you so much for publishing my Polymer Clay colorful spinning top in your blog.
    You have a very professional, interesting and colorful blog.
    I really love your art works with Polymer Clay.