Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Polymeri Online 19.11.13 | Sabine visiting Israel, Textures textures, Copper wire bordering, Polymer and alcohol inks, Discovering a new polymer galaxy, Miniature acetate eye glasses

It's already tuesday. Time is running when we are busy...
As you already know from Facebook (or maybe not yet), Switzerland polymer clay artist Sabine Backer is my guest in Israel the past week. We had a great week, traveling around the country, leaving enough for the next trip, weather is perfect, sunny and warm.
Jerusalem, Tel-Aviv, Haifa; getting familiar with new cuisines (Falafel, tahini, hummus) and!.... getting a new tattoo for Sabine! Surprising moments noted here!

Texture, anyone?
Googling around the net looking for new ideas and inspiration, I found a pin by Jill Palumbo, pinned by Tibby Craythorne, who decided to make her own textures using plastic doilies, lace and textured scrap book paper. I used lace and doilies but plastic ones? didn't think of these.

You can also use Anna Jour technique for making your own texture using transparent film and liner for stained glass/ceramics. Anna is using this method in her Mokume Gane beads.
And, Laura Tabakman carving sheet technique for creating your own textures -

Pam's copper wire beads
Pam Sanders says about herself she is a very eclectic mixed media artist, obsessed with making things. She loves bizarre art.
She uses copper wire in her art as a decorative border around her beads, as if it is a thread sewn into polymer.

Wire can do wonders in a polymer piece, who ever master it's techniques has a gift in his hands.

Polymer & Marker inks
The polymer clay Russian community is always a gem of inspiration and ideas.
Masha Koekak creates these inked rings and beads. Their size range from 3 to 7.5 cm, The technique include creating a clay sheet, painted on all sides with alcohol based markers. The markers create a thin layer of paint, each is sealing the tone of the previous color. Interesting effects come out as a result. The final piece is sealed with a thin layer of FIMO gel and it is bright and colorful especially on day light!

Polymer Galaxy
Another link from the cold country girls is presenting a new polymer clay galaxy discovered recently. Cosmobo created a solar system made entirely of polymer clay - Sun, venus, mercury, earth and all others are a beautiful collection of pins or pendants. Cosmobo is using cernit in some of her projects and I can see more materials and goodies hidden inside her designs.

miniature eyeglasses from wire and acetate
Rose Favero posted a cool tutorial for making super miniature eyeglasses from wire and acetate. Naturally this is not polymer but can be a great addition to your polymer clay faces!
All you need is scissors, pliers, tweezers, office hole punch, acetate and wire.

Next week I am back to my regular routine. Having a short pause from all duties this week,  and spending quality time touring the country with Sabine was enjoying and fun.
Have a great rest of the week!