Saturday, August 24, 2013

Polymeri Online 24.8.13 | Organic polymer clay jewelry, The art of stringing, Ann saves the rain forests, Chilling down with snowmen, more CZ samples of Cosmic Ceramic and INKredible

Organic by Sona
Sona Grigoryan posted beautiful organic semi-hollow bracelets on her Flickr gallery, joining her recent line of antiqued-organic pieces. I couldn't find a lot of information about this artist but her photos shows that she enjoys her time with crocheting as well.

Gloria Ewing's jewelry
The art of stringing a final piece, whether it is a necklace, earrings or a bracelet is no less important than the separate elements themselves, sometimes even more important.

The most complicated, elaborated polymer clay focal beads will not look well unless it is threaded wisely with his "fellow" beads.

Gloria Ewing takes her time with combining her perfect match of a final product. She is mixing metal, copper, wire, other beads in her tribal, contemporary and as she calls it "uninhibited" style jewelry.

Polymer clay wall clock
Mystic Dreamer Art (Ann Kruglak) creates colorful fun gifts ranging from jewelry, mirrors, masks to large wall pieces.
Her earnings are 100% donated to save rain forests (and she saved 1224 acers so far; 50$ saves 1 acre).
Most of her larger pieces are custom made so if you're looking for a neat wall clock and you want to help saving the planet, this one is for you :)

Snowman ornament by Kim
Kim from Clay Peeps seems to get ready for the holidays season.
While I'm experiencing 40 degrees Celsius here (Israel), she's listed snowmen, penguins and santa clauses in her Etsy store. A great way to cool down and think of the winter :)

And speaking of holidays, I am continuing my work on a new PolyPediaOnline tutorial, I think this one is the biggest I've ever done!
Completely out of my comfort zone; New techniques, new shapes, new tools;
Thank god the clay is familiar and friendly :)
It would be ready just in time for the holidays and I am sure it will be as I expect it to be - very informative and very creative.
I know you want to know what it's all about but it is still confidential ;)

I will be away for a week traveling and teaching in Czech Republic, be sure to follow on Facebook and Instagram for on site pictures.

I made new samples and jewelry to take with me, here are some of the Cosmic Ceramic jewelry (mostly earrings) and more INKredible earrings and necklace as a sample to the class I will be teaching.

Cosmic Ceramic Earrings (close up)
Cosmic Ceramic Earrings 

Cosmic Ceramic Earrings 

Cosmic Ceramic Beads 

INKredible earrings and necklace - Polymer clay and alcohol inks

INKredible earrings - Polymer clay and alcohol inks

INKredible pendants - Polymer clay and alcohol inks

Have a great weekend!


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