Friday, August 16, 2013

Polymeri Online 16.8.13 | Back from Barcelona, Horror polymer, Natural geometries jewelry, Mike Waxowski tutorial, Wire knitting with polymer clay and my Skyscraper jewelry in Cynthia Tinnaple's book

Hola everyone! 
Yes, I'm back from a family trip to Spain; me, dh and 2 kids; It was hot, humid and wonderful :)
Barcelona, Valencia and Madrid, such an exciting cities! So much to see!
Really recommended for your next trips but! not in August! Weather was non-tourist-friendly even though there are millions of people on the streets!
Glad to be home :)

I am here for only a short week and then off to the beautiful Prague for teaching ~20 eager minds, looking forward to learning more about polymer clay.
If you want to join at the last minute, I think there is one or two last spots available - more details here -

New links?

Jacob Reed polymer clay sculptures
Jacob Reed from Maryland, USA, is the owner of Shadow Work Art.
He claims that his horror-themed creations are a bit of a reflection of his own shadow, which he tries to acknowledge as best he can. The jewelry are the lighter side of him attempting to make nice with the darker side...
In his work he uses super sculpey, acrylics, varnish and his work is custom made.

Mindful Matters Jewelry
Diane is a chemist but Mindful Matters Jewelry is a whimsical jewelry boutique featuring her one-of-a-kind pendants, earrings, bracelets, hair accessories and bookmarks made of polymer & precious metal clay (PMC), sterling & fine silver and mixed metals. |
Her work aspires to translate intriguing natural geometries, patterns and textures into fun & wearable art jewelry.

El Arte De Pau's Mike Waxowski
YouTube tutorial
El Arte De Pau's Mike Waxowski YouTube tutorial from Monsters movie is so cute! There are several fun tutorials in her YouTube channel you may want to check out -

Liudmyla Heggland polymer clay jewelry
Liudmyla Heggland 
polymer clay mask jewelry

Take a look at the polymer clay jewelry by Liudmyla Heggland, a mix of wonderful beading, wire knitting and polymer clay beads.
Liudmyla or as she is calls herself - Mila, is currently living in Norway.
More of her jewelry on Flickr -
And check out her quick tutorial for faux sea-urchin (browse the photos for the steps)

Back from the post office; between the supplies, findings and other goodies there was my Amazon envelope - The wonderful book by Cynthia Tinapple featuring my skyscraper jewelry!
The book is a wonderful collection of polymer clay creations, inspiration and artists.
This one, placed next to my bed will assure genuine polymer clay dreams!

Polymer Clay Global Perspectives Book
Featuring my Skyscraper jewelry
Have a wonderful weekend!


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