Thursday, December 13, 2012

Polymeri Online 13.12.12 | Christmas earrings, decorations, ornaments and jewelry, Skyscraper in ThePolymerArts Blog

Christmas is a minute away and the web is full of wonderful creations. It is only natural that the perfect material to create wonderful gifts, pins, jewelry and tree ornaments will be polymer clay!

APieceofLisa - Lisa J. Ammerman started her creations over 40 years ago when she was a child. After graduation, she discovered polymer clay and was immediately hooked, she started making jewelry pieces and a few Christmas ornaments, did a few craft shows with mixed results, but she knew she had to stick with it. The following year she started making miniature figurines and expanded her Christmas line to limited edition ornaments and slowly gathering her fans. Good luck Lisa!
Polymer Clay Earrings
HugsKissesMINI - Ada Kalomoiri is a polymer clay artist from Athens, Greece, this is her version of Christmas candy cane earrings with gingerbread! I love the a-symmetric design! She is specializing in miniature food for food "addicts" and jewelry lovers.
Antiqued Santa!

Carla is a full-time medical secretary, mom of 2 teenagers (oh my!) and self-taught polymer clay artist specializes in making little wearable works of art in her free time. Here is another version of Santa, antiqued but looks younger then ever...

Personalized Bears Decoration

Debi Allison personalized Christmas ornaments are SO CUTE! Take a look at this one - a Belly bear family of 5 in woody wagon carrying a tree - Deb is a known figure in the polymer clay world, both she and her cat (crazy Felix) are celebrities in her numerous YouTube videos, and according to her, her husband is also her helper. She is sharing some of her techniques in her videos, don't miss it!

Skyscraper Polymer Tutorial
Almost forgot, Thank you Sage Bray for mentioning my Skyscraper necklace in your blog! It was few weeks ago but still much appreciated!

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  1. Thank you for featuring my one-of-a-kind Santa art doll on your blog!

  2. Am I the only one who can't see the video?Just a blanck spot with an arrow is visible. Could we have the link?
    A special thank you. I visit your blog every week to discover what you have found for us and what you make. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

    1. Which video is not visible, Hermine?
      and thank you for your compliment :)

    2. Hermine, there isn't any video in this particular post, only a link to Deb's youtube channel.
      Let me know which video you are referring to so I can help.

  3. The one on this page Iris