Saturday, November 17, 2012

Polymeri Online 17.11.12 | Beardy brooches, Santa's jewelry, Glue gun texturing and Plaid cane tutorial

Bearded brooches by Hacklock
Australian artist Heather is the owner of Hacklock.
Hacklock specializes in colorful modern jewelry made out of polymer clay.
Her Bearded figures looks so cool! These pendants and brooches are the result of a collaboration between Hacklock and Boy Beardy for Boy's art exhibition, They remind me of real people! :)

Polymer clay jewelry by Fracmatic
Norway artist  "Fracmatic" is named Santa. According to her it is a common name in Norway.
She loves to create things herself, reaching for the best quality and balance between beauty and wearability. Her store has great polymer clay and paper beads jewelry.

Hot glue gun rollers for texturing
A very useful idea for texturing - create your own texture roller using hot glue gun! This idea was published in Emily Murphy's pottery blog and can be an option for polymer clay as well.
I did not try it but we should check if the glue does not have a chemical reaction with polymer clay.
Ceramics and pottery are an art I have never tried before, I am sure I will one day...

Polymer clay tutorial plaid cane
Here is a fun tutorial for plaid millefiori cane by Naver blog. The tutorial is in Korean but Google Chrome can help with translation.
And another tutorial for a simple stripes ring -

Thank you for sending me your warm messages, I am ok, I do not live in the missile zone but my heart is with my friends and family that are.
I wish there could be a solution for all this, I will pray for it.
Have a safe and quiet weekend.