Thursday, November 29, 2012

Extrudinary - 15 Ways To Re-Discover Your Polymer Clay Extruder | NEW Tutorials

EXtrudinary - TRIO Cuff Tutorial
I have a story for you.
Long time ago, sometime in the 15th century,
a secret group in Italy created something no one has ever done before - Pasta.
They called themselves - "The Extrudinaries"...

Sounds about right, doesn't it? Well, I'm Just kidding... :)

My family and friends know I'm a serious pasta addict.
I could probably eat pasta day and night if it wouldn't be so dangerous to my waist line.
EXtrudinary - Tribal Embroidery Bracelet

Being such a fan, I wasn't surprised when my DH announced on my 40th birthday celebration that we are going to look for the best Pasta in Italy.

One late evening in Florence, while looking for a place to have dinner, we peeked into a small neighborhood restaurant, hoping it's still open for hungry diners.
The owner escorted us to our table, and on our way there I noticed one of the chefs working with a large machine, shooting endless pieces of pasta.
"What is this machine?" I asked the owner.
EXtrudinary - Art Deco Bracelets
"La Pasta estrusore", she answered, a pasta extruder.
"Can I take a closer look?..." I asked
"Of course!" she said.
So I walked into the kitchen, thrilled, staring at this wonder.
The extruder was producing beautiful rigatoni, one by one, shooting the perfection into a large bowl. I was hypnotized,

Being a clay enthusiast, I couldn't avoid thinking of my dear friend, my personal clay extruder.
That moment I knew what I'm going to do next.

EXtrudinary - Life Savers Beads Tutorial
This is the story of our polymer clay extruder, a special and powerful tool, that you probably have somewhere in your drawer, hidden in the dark most of the time.

Well, its time has come and it is ready to come out and play!

So now I ask you -
Why settle for just retro canes, when there are so many other designs just waiting to be discovered and created?

Get your clay extruder up and running - Upgrade your extrusion abilities and techniques to the top level and use it as your personal Sous-Chef de Cuisine assistant!

EXtrudinary - Torpedo Beads Tutorial
Are you ready to take a trip back in time to the 15th century and become Extrudinery?

Extrudinary | Vol. 43, 44, 45

==> 3 illustrative & informative tutorials,
==> 15+ projects,
==> 14 super detailed videos; 6(!) hours
==> PLUS - A pampering kit with extra-ordinary tools! Test tubes, razor blades, and cane sample!

Press here for all the details, photos, kit information, prices and special gifts -

Ready to EXamine, EXperimentand EXecute new, EXciting EXtruded ideas?


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