Friday, December 31, 2010

Polymeri Online 31.12.10

Alice (from wonderland) is a designer from St-Petersburg, Russia, she has a wonderful sense of color and her jewelry made me smile, their color combination is beautiful.

DeliciousHobo is addicted to crafting. She (i'm guessing) makes wearable art and her passion for painting, sculpting, and accessories has given birth to her one-of-a-kind jewelry. Many of her pieces are made over the course of several days – clay molding, baking, sometimes sanding and/or painting, sealing, and assembling.

Check out these cool colorful millefiori frogs by Nancy Welch, and her Picassa is full of goodies as well!

creastefy / stefania published a sweet tort cake tutorial, she works with various materials and polymer clay is one of them :)

Last day of 2010 - wishing every one a happy (and healthy) new year!

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  1. Tus trabajos son una maravilla, me he hecho seguidora tuya. Te invito a visitar mi blog Feliz 2011. Besos desde España