Sunday, June 27, 2010

Polymeri Online 27.6.10

Milica Bubanja from Slovenia uses various materials – polymer clay, silver clay, felt, cotton, synthetic sap and semi precious stones. She often makes her own tools (e.g., carved stamps and textures) as well as metal parts, which adds to the uniqueness.

Designing and making jewellery is a passion for Debbie Carlton, she works with silver, gold and likes to incorporate colour into her work when ever she can. Her inspirations come from the shapes ,textures and colours she sees all around her from nature's quirkiness to industrial symmetry.

claycorner / Teia Fetescu from Switzerland along with Mario Hubak started working with polymer clay in 2002, they make beads, jewelry, figurines and other objects.

Warren and RobbinMoeller-Smith7 are sailing artisans that have lived with people around the world, especially central and south America. Their art reflects this influence of making beautiful things from environment. Their Filigree Bracelet bangles are so colorful!