Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Invited to a TV show and a little bit politics (not really)

A few weeks ago I got a call from the Israeli production of Channel 2 show - Timor Liat - "designers", I was asked if I wanted to show a DIY project in the show, immediately I said yes, still did not know who, what and why but I knew I'd have to plan the rest. The girls from production didn't even ask to see what I'm going to demo, after seeing my online portfolio they knew they can count on me :-)

The dilemma was whether to present something complex that can represent my experience or to charm the audience by a simple project that will make them want to run & buy polymer clay immediately. The decision fell on a simple project because .... i had only three minutes in the show.

So... Arrangements were made, all the steps were planned, the suitcase packed and ... I'm heading to Tel Aviv.

Tel Aviv like any big city everything is moving fast - make-up, microphone and .... going live! wow, wait a minute, i'm all excited here! Liat (the host of the show) was charming and gentle, gave me the most wonderful feeling there is nothing to get excited about and i should try to ignore the camera :-)

In short, My item will broadcast sometime in the summer, I promises to update, in the meantime here are some pictures - the rest in Facebook

and one more thing, you know i am not talking about politics in my blog, but when everything is like a turbulent here in Israel, and we are in the news, suddenly comes a purchase of a customer from ... Turkey. At first I thought someone trying to test me, but it turns out that even when things are as are, there is someone who feels comfortable enough to buy from an Israeli. I do not know about you but i am so glad that in our world, the world of art, creation, color and fun, some people do not mind politics.


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