Thursday, July 3, 2008

Polymeri Online 3.7.08

First announcement - i've made my 100th sale on etsy yesterday! :)
The happy buyer is Toni from keepsakeeggs - and i am happy to send you your lovely hamsa + a bag of polymer clay goodies! enjoy and thank you so much!

just before i take my LONG flight to US tonight, here are some more links to our weekly polymeri online posts -

One of my friends and a member of the israeli forum - Natanei just posted about a lovely bug contest taking place in the LiveJournal community and i asked her to tell us more about it -
The Polymer clay community of LiveJournal - Polymerclayfimo was founded at 2005 by galka_vasina and was dedicated for Fimo creations. The community grown and extrapolate its interests to all types of polymer clay. Polymerclayfimo counts 1865 members – Russian speakers from around the world (Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, USA, Canada, Israel, German, Austria, etc`). Now community has 3 moderators: galka_vasina (Moscow ), shimshony (Elena Samsonova, New York, and xanka (Oksana, Moscow, Clear and handy tag system help to new users to drill down to journal entries.
Lately community conducts two interesting contests:
Roses Contest - results
Bugs Contest - results
It's great to see worldwide work!

Debbie Anne / Debbie Carlton
Designing and making jewellery is a passion for her. She works with silver, gold and like to incorporate colour into her work when ever she can. Inspirations come from the shapes ,textures and colours she sees all around from nature's quirkiness to industrial symmetry. (her photo on the right)

loopyboopy likes to sculpt dolls. she have so much fun creating characters. Sometimes they are in her head before she begins, other times they come into being as she makes them. she loves quircky, odd, whimsical, cute, creepy and eerie things. She is a self taught artist, working in sculpture for over 20 years, her work is really a collage of many medium, basically she uses whatever works, Papier Mache, Paperclay, pulp, sculpey...

see you in another continent! :)
more updates on my trip will be posted!


  1. Mazel Tov on the 100th sale!

    Safe trip and "see" you on my side of the big pond!

  2. Congrats on the sales! I also wish you a safe and fun trip to America!