Sunday, April 13, 2008

Polymeri Online 13.4.08

Israela Angel, is an Israeli artist. she works with polymer clay, fabric prints and vagetables :)

She developed a unique way of working with polymer clay. All the art work that you see can be used as a box or decor. These are all part of series she made that talks about women, about the fact that "a woman in her nature a person that holds inside her and being held".

Her work was chosen together with other 65 artists (3 of them israeli) to be presented in a "International Experimental Engraving Biennial" in Romania.

Her artwork are pretty small, they are approximately 12 centimeters high and 6 centimeters wide, all of her shapes are organic and she uses organic vegetables to get her unique shape -radish , turnip and potatos are just several of them.

Her process is as followed -
1. She takes for example a potato and cover it with basic polymer clay.
2. print her photo on cotton fabric.
3. hold down the fabric to the covered potato with a polymer clay decoration gel.
4. cover the print with a clear and liquid polymer clay.
5. Decorate the covered potato
6. makes a hole in the clay so she can take to potato out after baking.

Here is a hebrew tutorial written by Israela -