Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Oh Ya! another Clay Carnival!

After several years of doing the Clay Carnival in Las Vegas, The 'Euro Clay Carnival' is set to take place August 1-3, 2008 in Nottingham, England.

It will have an international flair as special instructors were added - 2 from England and 1 from Spain. The instructors for this event are: Donna Kato, Judy Belcher, Carol Blackburn, Leslie Blackford, Kim Cavender, Alison Gallant, Cathy Johnston, Sue Kelsey and Natalia Garcia de Leaniz.

There will be a total of nine different classes included in the package as well as daily lunch, tea/coffee and the fabulous Clay Carnival Dinner. You can read more about all the details on Donna Kato's website here.

Sign ups are starting to come in quickly so, if you'd like more information, visit our good friend Helen Cox for all the registration details.

Now you tell me, why did i choose to do my daughter "Bat Mitzva" in USA this summer? i should have chosen England... ;)

and this is not an April's fool joke... :)