Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Polymeri Online 6/6/07

I am taking a peaceful weekend in beautiful Jerusalem so this week polymeri online is 1 day sooner :)

Another great site - BeadGoodies by Candice A. Mathewson - found on polymerclaynotes demonstrating us how to reduce huge size canes...

what a great idea by silastones - Skinner Blend Gane

in Jodi & Richard site you will find amazing realistic sculpturing!
"...After designing the piece….work begins. Jodi sculpts and paints the heads and hands .. while Richard sculpts the torso and legs. Once finished with these steps, the Doll is joined together in an animated pose. Finishing touches such as costuming , shoes, wigging, and other needed accessories are created and added to complete the Doll..."

Cynthia Grady Malb makes wonderful sculpturing, no molds, only handmade.
and her flickr -

even though it's not polymer clay, it is a nice inspiration -

Another inspiration to PC is taken from Lisa Everett, her pendants looks exactly like wonderful millefiori work!

Joanne Scriha from Australia make unique fairies i like their wide smile :)

I know we had several fairy & fairy wings tutorial but this one is a nice one by alaskabody-dolls - Abel-Lara Lake
and her flickr -

Tips by christie wright for making fairy wings


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