Thursday, June 28, 2007

Polymeri Online 28.6.07

Margaret Reagan makes silk-screen-like canework, and unique shaped canes -

Our friend garieinternational is making realistic looking miniature cake tutorial along with a lesson on creating polymer clay paint and then use this to bake the cake -

COLLECTIONS BIJOUX MATHILDE BRUN - jewelry and ooak work -

Rebecca wells - her bio, such an interesting story (taken word by word from her site):Rebecca’s love for art began early in life and has continued to grow and develop throughout the years. She has owned several floral shops and won awards nationally for her floral artistry. In 1998 when her business burned down, Rebecca decided to pursue other venues and returned to school to pursue her Master’s degree in Behavioral Science. She teaches full time as an adjunct professor of Psychology and Sociology at Alvin Community College. After finishing school, Rebecca discovered that her creative juices were begging for an outlet. Thus, she began claying. Rebecca has worked in both earthen clay and polymer clay, but her passion is polymer. Her influence comes heavily from her love of nature and floral design. In addition, her love of color and all things organic is reflected in a large portion of her work.

Kristine Taylor - Jewelry art, Necklaces, Pendants, Earings and more.

Sonya's Hands On Creations' - Sonya's sites are showing us some nice ideas of using scrap clay and making nice millefiori canes -

if you have'nt used all your spare hours at the computer, in theclaystore forums you can sit and forget to get up :)

3 Artists from Flickr -
Anebela Romano from Portugal -

Nata Nei from Israel

Claudia Reis -

Diana Brown - Diana says she has no rhyme or reason for what she creates, whatever strikes her fancy...

Pat's Polymer - Pat is making sculpturings, fairies and other...


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  2. Only have seen this now! Thank you!