Thursday, May 24, 2007

Polymeri Online 24.5.07

Millefiori FACES...

Lessons and gallery -

Cartoon Kids Face Cane LessonDesign by Julie Wise

Witch Face Cane LessonDesign by Julie Wise

Simple Face Cane By Jan Ruhnow

Face Cane Components - Kim "Irish Red" Kennedy

The Moon & Sun - Sarajane Helm

Polymer Clay Faces by Barbara McGuire,,HGTV_3241_1373508,00.html

Fimo® Funny Faces - Donna Kato,,HGTV_3256_1373643,00.html

all about FACE canes by glassattic

Simply Darling - Face cane

Caty's french blog - Face cane

claysquared face cane

Affinity Clay - Nancy Bundy & Bob Paris - reducing a huge face cane:

Tamara - Designer Canes

Great Idea of a Half-face Kaleidoscope

And last - My Dora the Explorer cane!
The cane was 1.5 KG before reducing, diameter was about 13 cm, height 5 cm.


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