Thursday, May 17, 2007

Polymeri Online 17/5/07

Beginner Tutorial for you firstimers! a sheet of Clay tutorial, how to arrange millefiori slices on a sheet and then cover a box -

In case you wanted to know what are the differences between the 2 variations of skinner blends (corner 2 corner or chopped corners - forgive my English, it sounds better in Hebrew) - Desiree is giving us the perfect explanation:

2 movie clips i found on YouTube 1 is Silkscreen on polymer clay - Daphne Hill' only a glimpse to the tutorial, the second half is not there

Sculpting a torso with polymer clay by using armature by - stringfellowart

Ben Can Dance from Flickr -
Sandi has always been an artistic person and have tried a wide variety of different mediums: sketched, painted, sculpted, done carpentry- projects, mosaics and now selling her products in ETSY.

A nice site called The penguin Nest, gather in it's nest few artists, one of them is Kim O'Neal which makes wonderful necklaces from PC - take a look at her craft and others in the nest:

Alev Gozonar is a designer of stunning mixed media work:

One last thing is a cute children (and adult) project - how to decorate your personal key :)


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