Saturday, January 25, 2014

Polymeri Online 25.1.14 | Nunu's house of delicates, Button beads, Quick heart shape bead, Lauri Mod Podge transfers, Dream catcher in polymer and Knitted heart

Nunu's house of (polymer) delicates
Nunu's house is a heaven of candy, deli's and good food, only it is miniature and made of clay (polymer?).
In his Japanese blog Tomo Tanaka is featuring beautiful pictures of his miniature food which looks almost 100% real. Not a day to start a diet.
Wandering in his website (using google translate of course) I found out where the miniature food artists get all their cool tiny kitchenware and other accessories which makes this art looks so real! there are special online stores for all the teeny tiny tools which makes the final picture looks so authentic as if it is taken in a real set.

Violette's polymer button beads
Canadian Violette Laporte, also featured in PolymeriOnline a while ago, posted a cute tutorial for creating beads using buttons. She creates molds from a button, back and front and then press both halves together to create a whole bead. Antiquing with gilders paste or acrylic paint is also an option!
Part 1 -
Part 2 -

Super quick polymer clay heart bead
Looking forward to Valentines day? Here is a 1-2-3 step pictorial for creating a chubby heart! Thank you Zelodius Morton for this pinterest link

Lauri Mika Mod Podge transfer technique
Another find by Zelodius's Pinterest is a video demonstrating Lauri Mika and her Mod Podge transfer technique.  I had the pleasure of seeing Lauri demonstrating in person and now you can enjoy her lovely personality and demo as well! Use a laser printer picture and spread Mod Podge to transfer it into the clay!

dream catcher in polymer
Dream catcher in polymer? maybe a miniature version?
Here is a lovely tutorial creating a miniature threaded bead using cernit clay by MonstersCircus from Denmark.
You can use any clay of your choice to create this mix media design!
The bead can decorate your home or used as a pendant!

Let's finish with another heart project, this time from Russian Anna Bragin. Anna is using an extruder to create faux knitting effect and then cutting her heart. A button embellishment is added to create a super cute sweater brooch!

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  1. Nunu's house is a man :) Tomo Tanaka and he uses air dry clay ;)