Wednesday, July 7, 2010

On TV!

I was featured on a Design oriented TV program called " IZUVIM" which means "Designs" in Hebrew, this show is inviting designers to talk and show their art.
it was finally on air few days ago on the Israeli TV Channel.
For all of you that haven't seen it here it is -One little detail -I'm afraid its in Hebrew......:) It will sound funny but i am sure you will see the photos and see what i demonstrated...
It was a great experience!,170066


  1. I enjoyed that and understood everything even though I don't speak a word of hebrew!
    Hee hee!
    what does 'avodà' mean?
    Congratulations Iris ... you looked great on camera.

  2. Thank you Mary!
    Avoda means - "work" :)

  3. Iris, that was great. I didn't understand a word you said but I still understood like Mary said. How do you keep your waist so small?

    Thanks again for the key chain. Can't wait to get it.

  4. LOL, my waist? :)
    It's hard work! (not gym god forbid, just not eating everything i wish)

    your keychain went on it's way today!

  5. that was so wonderful. You were so poised and graceful. Good work.

  6. Thank you Elizabeth!
    You can't imagine what happened to me when i got into the studio, my hands were shaking! oh boy, was i scared, i was certain that everything i wanted to say will be forgotten! but after i started talking i felt all the excitement is gone and i enjoyed it very much!

  7. Great! Even without understanding Hebrew! You did a fine job there :D

  8. Very nice to see You in face this way :) and nice tutorial You are very talanted! :)

  9. Congratulations Iris! That is really awesome! Hope you get a lot of publicity from your feature. It was fun to watch!

  10. iris
    you look great
    and you did it just wonderful

  11. Congratulations Iris - I enjoyed listening and following along (although I only understood a word here and there). I hope the show generates a lot of interest for you. You looked beautiful!

  12. ezeh kef!!! i loved seeing the chamsas at the end of the interview. they, and you, are gorgeous!!!