Thursday, March 18, 2010

Polymeri Online 18.3.10

I am so busy with Passover holiday preperations, making more items for my craft fairs, i was planning on extending my PolyPedia resources and it's still in my chore list... meanwhile here are some nice links for the weekend -

Trendy retro bracelet and necklace by Madreselva61 / Silvia Ortiz de la Torre from Spain - they are so stylish and colorful!

BUZ Handmade / Alessio Busanca is an illustrator, cartoonist and graphic freelance. In addition to the design she devotes herself to the handmade, since 2009. She uses only FIMO soft. Her favorite subjects are the little animals, and lately dedicating the manufacturing of miniature more realistic dollshouse and Roombox.

Eugena's new jewelry line design includes pendants with intricate scroll-work design, sterling silver bezels, and glass-like surface, aren't they so elegant?

Iain Reekie is "Number 28", from the UK and do wonders with painting, photographing and sculprutings. He uses Super Sculpey and his figures have his own unique style of work.


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