Friday, February 12, 2010

Beetles Keychains & 3 more days to get a bonus tutorial

Beetles Keychains
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Iris Mishly.

phew.... that's it, i'm ready!
Keychains are ready, swap gifts too, beads order set and i can rest for 3 days before i fly to USA.
These beetles are something i saw long ago made with different materials, wanted to make out of polymer clay, it was such a success in my craft fairs i decided to offer them as wholesale gifts too.
And speaking of gifts, just wanted to remind you of my bonus sale in PolyPediaOnline site, February Sale - Strawberry Kaleidoscope Bonus Tutorial, With every purchase of my PolyPediaOnline tutorials, you will get a FREE Bonus strawberry-Kaleidoscope Cane tutorial, 15 pages, full of of photos and step by step instructions, this way you get 2 canes in 1 tutorial: A strawberry cane and a Kaleidoscope cane!
This special offer is valid till 15th February (my departure date), so better hurry :)

Have a great Valentine Holiday! :)

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  1. Happy Valentines to you Iris! Your little beetles are very cute. The people receiving them will just adore them!