Thursday, September 24, 2009

Polymeri Online 24.9.09

This cute ninja's are to die for! so cute!! some of them are even pink :) Lilley1 / Vicki Brown loves all things crafty especially like knitting, crochet and making all sorts of different things out of polymer clay, including buttons, beads and little ninja companions...

Ponsawan from Silastones blog made cool flower and leaf canes tutorial, she is flattening the petals in the pasta machine, the effect make those thin petals have a beautiful full look.

Another rubber stamp carving tutorial i got from my israeli friend Miriam -

Paris Miniatures Emma and Neil are Emmaflam & Miniman, an artistic French "girlie" and an English living in France, they both specialize on making 1:12 miniatures for doll houses.
their blog:
and site:

This year's Synergy conference looks so interesting! I've looked at the program and became green of envy ;) wish i could come again, but unfortunatly wouldn't be able to.. it's an unusual event, lot's of information, classes & demo's, all the info was so refreshing and innovative, chance to meet all the polymer "holywood" stars, and learn so many new things! don't forget the ACC show which will be available at the same time and place... have fun who ever is going!

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  1. Lilley also has a blog that gives some insight into her oh so cute ninjas.