Thursday, November 20, 2008

Polymeri Online 20.11.08

Australian Lorell Lehman realized after studying painting and illustration at the South Australian College of Advanced Education in the 1980’s, she discovered my passion for figurative sculpture and doll-making in 1993. her dolls are amazing!

Kathi from posted on the delphi forum a link to a nice guy building a motor for his pasta machine, don't think he was making any canes, it's for his Pasta - can you imagine? pasta in a pasta machine? i have never heard of it... lol

Sushi art work - beads, kaleidoscopes - great inspiration and admiration for those artists chefs:

Peggy Dembicer is a a mixed media artist with a fiberarts background. she was a handweaver in the early '80s, fond of tapestry. In the '90s she shifted to framed and sculptural mixed media that she exhibits in galleries and private collections.