Thursday, June 19, 2008

Polymeri Online 19.6.08

Silvia Karkut - The material she works with is plasticine. In Gemany it is called Knetgummi. Children play with and it did not get firm. She wants to try super sculpey now, because she saw so many of great works done with it on flickr. Silvia lives in Germany, studied graphic design and now she wants to work as an illustrator working with plasticine. Her dolls are so unique, some of her photos are a part of a flickr group which is called Ugly Dolls Art - are they ugly? i don't think so... :)

Enkhe from Fribourg, Switzerland makes beautiful cute inro vessels -

Laurabee Studios - Laura Boner-Leidy
All of Laura's beads are handsculpted originals. She adds a little sparkle with swarovski cystals to most of them. She is inspired by her love of new and vintage textiles, embroidery, antique jewelry and nature. Some artists that inspires her are Christi Friesen, Impressionistic painters, Jane Sauer, Norma Minkowitz, Arline Fisch, Ernst Haeckel and Andy Goldsworthy.

Joojoo belongs to two sisters from Toronto, one of them is Afsaneh, She has created her flickr to share my handmade stuff and creative ideas with others. She loves making small things and painting and drawing small things, now she is focusing on Polymer Clay mini sculptures.

Jennol - Olivia garcia trunas from Spain is sculputuring small round cuties, some of known characters and some imaginary