Thursday, March 20, 2008

Polymeri Online 20.3.08

Heather Powers posted all the free projects featured on her blog

Just Another Button Company™ manufactures handmade polymer clay buttons for embellishment.

Michael Devine discovered polymer clay in the Spring of 2006. After several years of working the midnight shift in Midtown Manhattan, he needed to find a way to unwind. After a trip to the local art shop, he came home with a few blocks of Sculpey and a book on making simple characters in clay. he was home playing with this stuff for an hour or so and then it just hits him -- He raced back to the store and picked up about $100 bucks worth of clay, tools, supplies and books :) He found his peace!

Cindy Lietz blog contains 80 Polymer Clay Tutorial Videos, when becoming a member you get Step by step classes & video tutorials.

gigglejelly - Her love in life, other than her husband and her cat, is crafts. She studied fine arts and design and worked professionally as a textile designer and visual artist and now her focus continues to be painting, textiles and polymer clay

Jamie Ferraioli is a 24 year old artist from Delaware. She graduated from college a year ago with an art degree and have yet to find a job. She love to sell her artwork and/or jewelry for a living.