Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Polymeri Online 9.1.08

It's still Wednesday :) i won't be around the computer tomorrow so I'm uploading polymeri online today.

Not polymer clay but still very interesting! I got this link from Craft Magazine - Blindfolded Lionel Richie Sculpture Project The video lets us know about this art class in the UK that sculpted heads of Lionel Richie to his 1984 song "Hello", using earthen clay.

So many forums, so little time! was started in August 2003 as a repository for all kind crafty diy (do it yourself) projects. you can find there (of course) a Craftster Community for Polymer clay too, these are their forum links -

A very interesting half and half face cane by Raven's Caw

Another flickr artist - Gálago / Fátima Fontúrbel Val and her cutie octopuses!

Polymer Clay Brazil - Nice to meet! Brazilian artists with their names, links, galleries -
and i found there - Teatro Espaço

and Vera Pessoa Studio
Vera's goal in her work is to create jewelry that brings light and joy to her customers' overall appearance, though she graduated in Economics, Vera transformed her hobby as a jewelry designer into a full-time business:, Vera founded in 2004 the Brazilian guild called Polymer Clay Brazil.

Darleen Bellan, aka "kissmystamp" with some Cat cuties!


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