Sunday, September 9, 2007

Polymeri Online 9.9.07

polymer_woman's is a stay at home mother, working with PC for 15 years now and says she will never get tired of it.

Carolyn Bond from Australia, is sculpturing with her 14 years old son some cute monsters creatures, barrettes, jewelry and beads.

A cane maker, her eggs are lovely and she is also a great nature photographer

Creafantaisie in her blog makes nice face cane and if you browse a little bit you will find cute married - bride-groom figurines, so humoristic, sweet.

Agnes Blog has unique art, lot's of beads, mokume gane and water color - loved it.

Raphal le corre blog, another french artist, uses retro canes in her(her/his?) lovely jewelry and sculptures.

Molly McMahan - Molyner
Molly McMahan first touched polymer clay in the year 1988. She still has some of the first peices that she made from sculpy III. Back in those days, she didn't know anyone else who worked in polymer clay except for the friends that she introduced to the medium. She had taught herself caning out of Fimo after seeing some incredible necklaces made out of animal face canes. read more on her bio here

Jenny Armitagemakes whimsical animals hand sculpted, Kaleidoscopes with Kaleidoscopic Canework and more...

Margi Laurin About 15 years ago she discovered a fascinating material that appeared to have no boundaries. The more she workes with it, she realizes that the only limits were the ones imposed by the artist himself.Her art include eggs, jewelry, vessels, book covers and more.

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