Thursday, April 5, 2007

Polymeri Online 5.4.07

Camille Young creates unique jewelry and accessories from a clay called LUMINA, Lumina Clay is flexible, waterproof, and becomes like plastic when dry. The clay only comes in transparent white and mixed with acrylic paints.She also mix lumina with sculpey and resin to improve her clay mix.

Carolyn Stearns from is an artist in soul but recently is working with polymer clay and loves making millefiori canes, beads and more. take a look at her site, gallery and her tutorial for making a Swirly Lentil Bead.

Swirly Lentil Bead tutorial -

Another tutorial for making a button bracelet tutorial by Regina - Creative Kismet

and the photo gallery by NLeeF of boxes, sculpturing, hair jewelry, key-chains and more.

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  1. Hi! I really loved your blog! You have beautiful creations!