Sunday, February 4, 2007

Tips for kaleidoscope cane and Scrap

Tips for Scrap

** Make swirlies from the cane and translucent scrap. An excellent tutorial for this is from Barb Fajardo on

**Make small textures. Take a ball of clay, pinch one end and then go take an imprint from something… a grate, a shoe, a button, lace, a stamp Cook like normal and use to add detail texture.

**Make bead guides - roll a sheet at each setting on your pasta machine, use one small cutter to cut a piece out of each sheet. Roll the piece into a ball. Pierce and bake the balls. Make a note on each what thickness and cutter made it. String and keep as a reference.

**Make face cabs. Form a rough oval and use a tiny pinch for the nose. Indent for the eyes. Slice and shape for lips. Use a needle tool and a little alcohol to shape and smooth the tiny features. Bake and either paint, cover or mold your little face.

** Make tool handles - either from the fun scraps or the sludge and cover with cane slices, texture, powders or any other decoration. One idea is to cover the eye of a yarn needle to make your own needle tool. Another is to add clay along one edge of razors to form safe handles for your sharps.

kaleidoscope cane and Scrap


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