Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Polymeri Online 31.10.06

Celia, is 22 and spend lot's of her time doing polymer clay.her site is framed design so try not to get lost.The right side of the site is all PC, the left - other things.

First link - celia's gallery

Second link - How: color theory, wheel of colors, info and more.

Third link - materials: pasta machine, PC kind, books etc.

Fourth link - from theory to practice - working with PC, baking etc.

Fifth link - Techniques


Leaf cane in photos

IMPREGNATINGS Inclusions and link to each.
IMITATIONS - and link to each.
LIQUID MASSES - and link to each.
STAMPING - and link to each.
TEXTURIZADO - under construction
TRANSFERENCES - and link to each.
MOSAIC - under construction
MICA SHIFT - and link to each.
Mokume Win - Mokume Gane and a link to Judy Belcher movie -http://www.firemountaingems.com/beading_howtos/pbstutorials.asp?docid=5B43&WT.cg_s=Beads%2BBaubles%2BJewels&sact=search

Sixth link - TUTORIALES

Seventh Link - Polymer Clay Links

many many links!

last - for spanish -> englishhttp://www.worldlingo.com/


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