Sunday, June 18, 2006

Polymeri Online 18.6.06


by Carissa Nichols - So what is this 'Mica Shift' everyone is talking about? Well, anyone who's seen translucent Premo or Fimo has seen what polymer clay looks like in its 'natural state'. During the manufacturing process, pigments are added to color the clay. Sometimes an additional ingredient, mica, is also added. Mica is what makes the gold, pearl, colored pearls, copper and silver colors that are so popular.
Mica is a naturally occurring stone that forms in thin crystalline wafers. It is very soft and can be pulled apart with your fingertips. Egyptian, Greek and Roman women used ground up mica in their make-up to impart a 'glow' to their skin because even when ground to a powder, mica's crystalline structure allows it to reflect light.
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wood Mica shift

textured mica shift

mica roll cane

PCC mica shift project

mica shift egg -

Donna Kato Mica shift necklace

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