Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Polymeri Online 15.4.15 | Instagram Polymer finds, Sculpture-Mania, Mix media faces, Nail decals on polymer and my 2015 New INKredible alcohol inks and polymer clay jewellery class samples

This week it's Instagram-Polymer!

Domenico's figurines
Domenico Scalisi is a sculpture posting in Instagram as well as working in Etsy (his shop is closed at the moment so you can take a look at his sold items).
Domenico is from Italy and his creations are intriguing.
Both fun, smiling yet seems distant and sometimes sad.
He is using his sculpted art as figurines as well as on jewellery findings, creating custom portraits and designs. His Facebook page is fascinating.
His Instagram account gives you a glimpse into his process work -

Jacob's sculpturing
Jacob M. Reeb is another Instagram & Etsy's find, creating mummy dolls, or other collectible items, carefully sculpted to give his items an amazing character. He mentions acrylics, super sculpey as well as resin as his main materials, mentioning the items may break when falling. His store slogan "Confronting the shadow within..." genuinely reflects his art.

Face rings by Nata
Nata Koshtelo's instagram features unique polymer clay work as well as drawing and mix media art. Her jewellery is mostly faces sculpturing, transfers & drawing. She has a vk account with more than 200 photos in her gallery.

Nail decals on polymer
Fancyful devices (Marina Rios) describe her Instagram account as "Victorian tribal rustic cosmic assemblage jewellery". She feels the happiest when she is sitting in a room when she has million of supplies all around her. She is a mix media artist but sometimes uses polymer clay in her work. Realising she had no flat coin beads for bracelets, she experimented with little fingernail decals on polymer.

I am getting ready for my class with new 2015 INKredible alcohol inks and polymer samples.
It was a fun adventure going back to my known alcohol inks techniques, with new knowledge I acquired during the years (INKredible was first released on 2012!).
It was a game of mix and match, adding new materials used in my newer tutorials while being loyal to the inks and previous class. I think this will be a good start for a new INKredible II class!
If you cannot come to my class you are welcome to check the online version here -

INKredible Polymer - Alcohol inks on polymer clay

If your fingers tickle, come join us and play with alcohol inks!


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