Wednesday, June 29, 2011

What Will Those Mosquitoes Do Next?

Ever wondered If it's possible to create very thin polymer clay beads and forms that are strong, durable, flexible and light weight?

Actually, It's (almost!) impossible!

Guess what?
I developed a special technique allowing YOU to create the impossible!

When we were building our home several years ago, I noticed that the builders used a simple technique of pouring concrete to form walls using a metal mesh inside to reinforce it.
I watched them, not realizing that one day I’ll be using another form of that technique on my polymer clay creations.

A few years later I was looking for something to help me create a thin yet strong polymer clay piece that will not break after the first time it falls out of my hand. This was the result of my dropping a few delicate polymer clay beads on the floor, and being very upset because they broke could not be repaired.

As you probably know, polymer clay does not handle breakage well, and it was not bad luck on my part having those beads shattered to pieces, just a disadvantage of polymer clay. A disadvantage that caused me and many polymer clay artists to avoid creating delicate and thin pieces.

This really got me thinking, I wanted to find a way around the problem, not to avoid it.
Eventually the technique the builders used crossed my mind.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Polymeri Online 25.6.11 | Pumpkin Beads, Ribbon Bracelet, Norwegian PC and Recycled Labyrinth

A cool fun and free tutorial by Slovenian artist Roberta Mohar for her wonderful pumpkin beads!

UK artist Hazel Ward started making polymer clay beads in 2009 after finding, like many of us, that she prefer to use artisan handmade beads in her jewelry designs.
Most of her art is based on millefiori canes, look at this ribbon style bracelet, and her blog is full of wonderful posts and tips for all us polymer clay lovers
and this one is definitely for all addicted PC people -

Christel Jensen is a Norwegian, married mother of two grown up girls. She has been claying since the 90-ties and written several craft books in norwegian, but that was a long time ago. Currently she is very busy building a new home and is excited about making a new studio in it!
You can find some of her miniature tutorials in Youtube - mini polymer teapots and cupcakes and jewelry in her blog.

This Fimo labyrinth using a CD case from Teri of Giddy Giddy for kids is a wonderful example of reuse and recycling. She shares several versions of maze styles, and I imagine kids would have fun coming up with their own as well! a summer vacation project!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Polymeri Online 16.6.11

My dear Israeli friend Liat Ripp has the most wonderful fish tank I ever saw - and it's all polymer! Her whimsical colorful design of fish pins/magnets/anything you can think of, has it's own unique style and brings a smile :) Her tutorial is offered for a special reduced price for the next few days!

Shirali from India is an artist, a trained fashion designer and ceramist. She has worked with many different mediums in past like mixed media, terracotta, paper, fabric, resin, but she is relatively new to polymer clay, and plan on developing new products! Her USB designs are so cute!

Kate Tracton is a jewelry designer with an eye for tiny details. Currently she is enjoying beadweaving and polymer clay, though not at the same time according to her :)
Her art is available in her online Etsy store. Kate also has a blog where she discusses her artistic process and sometimes features other artists.
Here is one of her posts - drawing the process of a design -

SteamTimeJewelry's Shop by Anne Berry has some cool stylish and edgy necklaces and rings handmade from vintage watch parts and polymer clay. All of the glamor of an alternate reality filled with gears and metal, filigree and finery.
Interested in her special parts for your own designs? You can find her steampunk supplies store too!

Have a great weekend :)

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Polymeri Online 9.6.11 - Animal Kingdom!

Today's post is all about animals!

Polymer Clay by Deb & Co. features Deb, a polymer clay artist of 32 years and her cat, Felix. Deb shares her tips, tricks and secrets in her step by step tutorials. Here is one of her videos tutorials creating a polymer clay kitten -

Sofie grew up next door to her family's veterinary clinic.
Animals, both domestic and wild, have always been intrinsic to her world. She is a full-time artist who moonlights as an illustrator and a poupettiste (poupette maker).

Kirsten and Cortney, identical twin sisters have always enjoyed creating art together. From crayon rubbings as small children to works of art as adults, they have always given each other inspiration. They create paper clay & polymer clay folk art sculptures.

Tina creates cute whimsical animal figurines, jewelry and beads - look at this sweet cat!

And here is the last animal on the block - this time a real one!
Our new poodle puppy!
After many years I couldn't decide about this issue, I eventually "surrendered" to my sweet kids appeals, this is the new member of the Mishly family! "Buffy" (how original! - kids chose it :)
She passed with honor the "polymer bite" test and didn't eat a piece of clay from the studio floor!

Have a woof-derful weekend!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Polymeri Online 2.6.11

xixonesina flickr gallery is full of special looking figurines, this one caught my attention. According to her description, the doll, Sally is related to Tim Burton movie "Nightmare Before Christmas" (didn't see that one) :) made of sculpey and premo. You'll find many more in her flickr.

Take a look at this hollow russian marquises necklace made of polymer clay by french artist Dorothée Vantorre's, this and many other creations made of clay -
also her cute acrobat on a necklace!

Deborah Ross describes herself as an old artist but a new clayer, she's into
jewelry, sculpturings and many more, in this photo she wanted to express her personal true story. Not an easy photo but made me think... wish I knew more about her.

Michell Covington unique handcrafted polymer clay art and art jewelry is creepy scary yet facinating - devils, skulls and even creepy bunnies!