Thursday, February 28, 2013

Back from Cabin Fever Clay Festival 2013 - USA Trip

Name Tags I made for all my students
and I am back!
Cabin Fever Clay Festival 2013 is over, It was a wonderful gathering of ~80 great polymer clay minds, all together happy and smiling (polymer fumes?! ;) creating unforgettable moments.

Once again I feel that there is something magical about people sitting together, talking with such enthusiasm about their polymer clay joy, 24/7, chatting about what makes them happy and color their world, even for an hour or two a week. You don't have to be a pro to enjoy such an event.
I had the pleasure of meeting so many new people, from all over US and beyond, introducing them to my own personal polymer clay world.
My dear students did a wonderful job creating their little master pieces, enjoying their time learning a trick or two, and teaching me some of their own too!
5 Full days. I had so much fun.

Fireman on alert!
And some funny moments - Apparently some one lit a candle inside one of the rooms and the whole hotel was evacuated outside, waiting for the Fire department to come and check it out (guess where I was when the bell rang? Yes, in the shower ;)
Traveling all the way to Polymer Clay Express with Mira Pinki Krispil and Jana Roberts Benzon, what a fun drive we had;
Shopping with Linda Hess in "Michaels", "Hobby Lobby" and where not! How can we can't miss these when we're here!
Staedtler North America donated all the materials used in my Skyscraper and Brocade Purses classes - That was such an amazing gift! Thank you!

Polymer Clay Express
And Finally, few more days in NYC with Pinki for re-stocking and breathing cold (real cold!) air just before we take our plane back.

So thank you Kathryn Ottman for this wonderful event that ticks like a clock, perfectly every time! Seeing Christian in person was one of the highlights moments! :)
Thank you all my students who chose to "Skyscrap'in" and "Brocad'in" with me - I had a great time with you!
Thank you all the teachers who made this event even more colorful - especially the dear Marie Segal, Jana Benzon Roberts, Sarah Shriver and Christi Friesen, I had fun chatting with you!

Thank you Staedtler for your generous donation!
Next on my map is Liechtenstein workshops with Melanie Muir and Sabine Backer. Cannot wait.

I will be resting for a day or two, getting my studio back in order and hours back to regular and post a new PolymeriOnline soon, meanwhile you can peek into some of the photos taken by myself using my IPAD (Arrrr! that camera is awful) and more on my Facebook.
Take care!

Skyscraper Pendant 
Skyscraper Beads

Skyscraper Beads

Skyscraper Beads

Skyscraper Beads

Brocade Purses Class 
Staedtler Clay Donation

Brocade Purses Class 

Skyscraper Beads

Skyscraper Beads

Monday, February 11, 2013

Polymer Clay Angry Birds - FREE How-To Video

Who doesn't like angry birds?
I just LOVE them :)

About 2 months ago I had a "special order" from my nieces to create small angry birds earrings.
I went straight to work and left the camera on while working (don't worry, I don't work so fast, the video is 300% faster then the original...;)
So just before I start packing my suitcases and fly to Maryland, here is a quick and easy tutorial for red angry birds and green pigs.
These were snatched up before I even got a change to take their final photo!

B.T.W - Did you know that "Rovio" people, who invented angry birds, are from Finland?
I didn't know that.
After emailing them and asking for their approval I noticed it!

Have fun!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Polymeri Online 10.2.13 | Tectonic bangles, Filigree patience, Polymer "Valen-Tins", Domed heart pendants and Illuminated smiley purses

Techtonic Polymer Clay
Have you seen Izabela Nowak's latest Tectonic bangles? I was open mouthed! So unique! Izabela is always keeping us intrigued by her beautiful designs and ooak innovations. Don't miss her "tectonic" pendants as well, it's "Earth-Quaking"...

Filigree Polymer Clay Tutorial

Marusic said she promised a master class on making filigree and she is keeping her promises (yay!) tedious - yes, time consuming - yes, but not difficult. All you'll need for this project is clay in two colors, liquid clay, cutting tool (knife, blade, etc.), toothpicks, needle and metal powders (and lot's of spare time!)
Another similar design of this delicate, tiny art form was posted in Sage Bray's blog featuring Olga Shukova. Admirable.


MaryAnne posted lovely tin covers especially for Valentines, she calls it "Valen-tins" :) Playing with textures and colors is common in her flickr gallery, Jewelry, journals, beads. don't miss her beautiful looking bracelet
and bangles.

Valentine's Heart Pendant Tutorial

Here is a fun tutorial by Becky from "PoshPinkGiraffe" for heart pendants for Valentines, using the Mod Podge Dimensional Magic to create a domed effect. This material is definitely worth checking, I'll have to look for it when I am in USA next week.

4 days to my trip and I am finalizing my preparations with one final experiment, a glowing smiley purse (without glow in the dark clay) using translucent clays and tiny illumination. These can be so cool as atmosphere lights, hanging around the house, in case of loss of power (Beware Nemo Blizzard!) or even as Christmas tree ornaments!
Keep your fingers crossed for me that Nemo won't come back....
I am not sure posting in my blog will be possible while I am traveling, so you are welcome to follow me on FaceBook.
See you in another continent!

Polymer clay purses - Brocade Collection - Illuminated
Polymer clay purses - Brocade Collection - Illuminated

Polymer clay purses - Brocade Collection - Illuminated

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Polymeri Online 3.2.13 | PatchWork polymer tutorial, Clay flowers, Birdie meets her real sister, Anything is possible magnet and my new Long Neck Karen necklaces

Polymer Clay PatchWork Tutorial
My dear friend klavdija posted a wonderful pictorial for her patchwork jewelry. This is a beautiful technique which will tickle your fingers to go ahead and try it. I know I will!
Thank you dear friend!
While you are looking at her delights, jump in her Facebook page for more goodies -

Clay flowers
Natasha can not imagine her life without creativity and search (can't agree more). Her artistic love is devoted to flowers and stones, their incredible colors, shades and textures.
Her clay flowers are made of Japanese polymer clay which I think called Deco clay. Barrettes, rings and jewelry - looks so real, you can hardly believe it's clay.

Polymer birdie meet her real sister
Mina Creations - Chieko Sasaki, living in Tokyo Japan, works with glass and well as polymer clay - miniatures, canes and sculpturing. I stumbled across her little birds photo on Facebook, polymer bird meets a real one - or is it the other way around? Anyway, she says she is glad that her real bird appreciates art and welcomed the new friend. :)

Anything is possible magnets
Joy Magnet Art is all dedicated to message magnets, each is like a miniature "collage in clay". Pieces of clay are torn into "fragments", and impressed with stamps and other objects for interesting designs. Most pieces have several layers of clay, with various inspirational words and positive sayings. Anything Is Possible :)

Remember these?
Well, they turn into these.
After using metal rings between the beads, they look more like the Long Neck Karen women, don't you think?
I am almost ready for my trip next week.

Polymer clay beads | LifeSavers Necklace

Polymer clay beads | LifeSavers Necklace

Polymer clay beads | LifeSavers Necklace

Polymer clay beads | LifeSavers Necklace

Polymer clay beads | LifeSavers Necklace