Thursday, May 31, 2007

Polymeri Online 31.5.07

Jack Schwend's Millefiori work is so accurate and every slice is placed perfectly in it's place, He makes Elves and Eggs, such a fine work :)

I don't know the English Word for it, i think it's ~fringe~ ? Well, a nice girl from one of our Israeli art forums uploaded a photo tutorial showing how to make one. Just click on the right near t42 name and the umbrella icon and you'll know how to make one for yourself. Thank you t42!

Mohegan Hands belongs to Lisa Perreaul which is a proud Mohegan Indian. She makes authentic pieces of Native American made jewelry and been crafting all her life. Her gallery is not updated yet, i do hope we will be able to see some of her work soon...

Jane Zhao ArtsJane is a traditional Chinese Landscape and Chinese Calligraphy artist, she has been working with Polymer Clay for over ten years.Jane's arts were featured in magazines & books.

Another Israeli Artist is Roni Oren. His Sculpted creations are very famous in Israel, He wrote 2 books on sculpturing figurines from any kind of colored clay/dough. Their names are "Sodot shel plastelina" which means the secrets of Plasticine. Although the language is Hebrew, you can enjoy the clips and photos.

Sharon Amir Muppet's made me remember my days as a teenager when i used to watch the great "Muppet Show" every week! Of course my favorite character was Miss Piggy!
Her polymer clay sculptures were inspired by this site:

Linda Whitney Designs - At first i didn't know if they were made of PC, so i asked her and the answer i got was- "Yes, we do use polymer clay in our jewelry. I love polymer clay , it is so versatile. We combine it with the brass, nickel silver and copper that we use for the metal part of our jewelry. The polymer clay is such a nice way to add interesting color to the work".
Every word is true :) Thank you Linda.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Polymeri Online 24.5.07

Millefiori FACES...

Lessons and gallery -

Cartoon Kids Face Cane LessonDesign by Julie Wise

Witch Face Cane LessonDesign by Julie Wise

Simple Face Cane By Jan Ruhnow

Face Cane Components - Kim "Irish Red" Kennedy

The Moon & Sun - Sarajane Helm

Polymer Clay Faces by Barbara McGuire,,HGTV_3241_1373508,00.html

Fimo® Funny Faces - Donna Kato,,HGTV_3256_1373643,00.html

all about FACE canes by glassattic

Simply Darling - Face cane

Caty's french blog - Face cane

claysquared face cane

Affinity Clay - Nancy Bundy & Bob Paris - reducing a huge face cane:

Tamara - Designer Canes

Great Idea of a Half-face Kaleidoscope

And last - My Dora the Explorer cane!
The cane was 1.5 KG before reducing, diameter was about 13 cm, height 5 cm.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Polymeri Online 17/5/07

Beginner Tutorial for you firstimers! a sheet of Clay tutorial, how to arrange millefiori slices on a sheet and then cover a box -

In case you wanted to know what are the differences between the 2 variations of skinner blends (corner 2 corner or chopped corners - forgive my English, it sounds better in Hebrew) - Desiree is giving us the perfect explanation:

2 movie clips i found on YouTube 1 is Silkscreen on polymer clay - Daphne Hill' only a glimpse to the tutorial, the second half is not there

Sculpting a torso with polymer clay by using armature by - stringfellowart

Ben Can Dance from Flickr -
Sandi has always been an artistic person and have tried a wide variety of different mediums: sketched, painted, sculpted, done carpentry- projects, mosaics and now selling her products in ETSY.

A nice site called The penguin Nest, gather in it's nest few artists, one of them is Kim O'Neal which makes wonderful necklaces from PC - take a look at her craft and others in the nest:

Alev Gozonar is a designer of stunning mixed media work:

One last thing is a cute children (and adult) project - how to decorate your personal key :)

Monday, May 14, 2007

New Week, New Canes :)

New Millefiori Flower Shaped Canes -

Now in ebay!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Polymeri Online 10.5.07

Doreen Gay-Kassel is creating illustrations & polymorph creatures, her images have been used for books, magazines, toys, puzzles, greeting cards, Christmas ornaments & textiles. What a great work!

Kevin Buntin world is a fantasy - Viking ships, warriors, mummies and Frankenstein monsters, He uses all kind of materials for his sculpturings - wood, acorn caps, and scraps of leather or various other fabrics. He also uses all kind of polymer clays.

In Roberta's blog - "Just Me And My Creations "you can find a nice millefiori tutorial and all kind of other links & photos

Take a look at Kristine Taylor amazing jewlery gallery, stunning!

I did mention Bettina Welker in the past, but i found some interesting links to other galleries in her site -

Last one is Michelle Davis Petelinx from Jordan's Treasures with gorgoues mirrors, boxes, masks and many more

Monday, May 7, 2007

Some of my New Beads and New Ebay Auctions

I was playing for the first time with translucent background canes and made new beads, That was fun!
For some reason i always made canes with colorful background, so this can be the start of a new friendship,

You are also welcome to see some of my new EBAY auctions, you might find something you like! :)
My green beads are also there!

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Polymeri Online 3.5.07

Today's Polymeri thanks all the good people sending me links :) thank you!

In swissbeads about page there is a line saying -

Caution - working with polymer clay may lead to serious addiction!

Ginette is from Switzerland, she is creating lovely lentil and pillow beads, mostly in geometric designs and uses foil leafs and pearl colors.

Blue Dog Beads site was sent to me by Mira Krispil, it is a family business of mother, daughter and daughter-in-law, after playing with the polymer clay they decided to make a business out of it.In their site a gallery of jewelry, links and a picasa album.

European Polymer Clay People
Our friends from Europe with a site full of "goodies"

A blog by my favorite miniature sculptor - Myriam LAKRAA
roll down and you'll find a cute rabbit demo

and last - a movie: How To Make A Clay T-Rex Dinosaur from sutree site: