Saturday, November 29, 2008

Hamsa Cookie Cutters are back in stock!

It took a while but the Hamsa Cookie Cutters are back in stock!

If you need great hamsa cutters, the sizes available are :
* 11 cm (4.3 inch) - price is 12$
* 4 cm (1.6 inch) - price is 10$

shipping to USA is 6$.

payment through paypal.

if you are interested please email me to and i will be in touch with your about further actions nessecary.

Thank you very much :)

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Polymeri Online 27.11.08 & Hannukah post

Well, Hannukah is in 2 weeks, and the dreidel-mania in the Israeli polymer clay community is rising! here's some cool new dreidels - very easy to make!

Vered Trumer was the "match lighting the fire" with her new flower driedel, it's cute and simple to make!

A cool project (in hebrew, but follow the photos) of a Menorah

And a nice wall decor for Hannukah by Keri Joy and her wall dancers

and last, something for the Ego, my ego :) found a cool site which making a photo of yourself in all kind of styles... look what i chose, do you see his tattoo? MY face? i can keep dreaming ;) try yours -

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Modish blog - November Giveaway

Modish blog is one of my favorite ones, and they do a november giveaway!

why don't you try your luck? enter to win!
Its cool!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Polymeri Online 20.11.08

Australian Lorell Lehman realized after studying painting and illustration at the South Australian College of Advanced Education in the 1980’s, she discovered my passion for figurative sculpture and doll-making in 1993. her dolls are amazing!

Kathi from posted on the delphi forum a link to a nice guy building a motor for his pasta machine, don't think he was making any canes, it's for his Pasta - can you imagine? pasta in a pasta machine? i have never heard of it... lol

Sushi art work - beads, kaleidoscopes - great inspiration and admiration for those artists chefs:

Peggy Dembicer is a a mixed media artist with a fiberarts background. she was a handweaver in the early '80s, fond of tapestry. In the '90s she shifted to framed and sculptural mixed media that she exhibits in galleries and private collections.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Polymeri Online 13.11.08

Noa Oron does cute sculpturings that fits both sugar paste and polymer clay - check her site for some cool tutorials, instructions in hebrew but the photos are easy to follow:

And another monkey by Garie sim, this monkey likes to swing!

Libby has a great post about her favorite bezel forms, i love her work with bezels, it makes the piece so much elegant.

not too tired for another tutorial? here's a great mokume gane pumpkin tutorial by PCAGOE member papernclay

The Carrotbox is for anyone who loves glass rings, lucite rings, wood, agate, plastic, resin, acrylic, polymer, jade, etc. - anything, as long as there's no metal, i can sit for hours, be inspired and enjoy her huge collection of rings, some of them are polymer clay too.

One of the artists i found in the Carrotbox blog was - Arsmania - Ivana Molinari Schwab, has italian origin. She was born and grew up in Zurich, Switzerland.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Polymeri Online 6.11.08

According to Dolores Marple Troll tracks are very hard to see. Everyday she walks in the woods and search all around.

This site is so adorable - Mouse with an attitude's photostream is full of mice! i have to say i am not very friendly with them when they appear in MY home, but these are so sweet!
The artist (help, i can't find the name) is from Norway and she says the mice were an idea growing from her heart.

ODDimagination's Shop has some Creepy and Cute Sculptures, Paintings and Art Dolls :)
She has been creating since the moment she could hold a pencil. According to her mom that was age 2. The odd, the cute and the weird are what appeal to her and that is what she likes to express through her art.

Martha Land has some lovely clayful critters and creations, By day she works as the manager of a photography studio to pay the bills. By night (and every free moment that she has) she has been pouring all her energy into my artwork. Her slugs are roughly in the range of 2-3 inches long by 2-3 inches tall.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

4th in the autumn leaves pcagoe challenge!

ya! my ring came 4th in the autumn leaves pcagoe challenge! that was fun!
don't forget, this ring is given as a gift to my next Etsy buyer - it's a gift for MY 37th birthday which was on November 3rd!
Thank you all voters!


speachless, that's what i am :)

yes, Dan Cormier's workshop in my home was yesterday, many hours of joy, it was so amazing, i have no words to express my feelings, it's been a magical class, and i wish i could see more and more :)

Thank you dan for the opportunity to meet and learn from you and i hope we'll see you again soon in Israel...

now i can relax and absorb all this

beauty :)

Saturday, November 1, 2008

PCAGOE monthly challenge

It’s time for the PCAGOE monthly challenge. The November theme is Autumn Leaves!

When you vote for your favorite entry, you’ll automatically be entered in a random drawing to win one of two prize packs! don't miss!