Thursday, January 29, 2009

Polymeri Online 29.1.09

Wes's amazing methods never cease to amaze me, look at the way he is building and reducing a football cane

Sylvie - maniguett (which is also a teacher in Polymer Play Days) has emailed about a new French polymer and metal clay association which is born -

Pollofrito from Madrid-Barcelona, Spain has her "OH!Lala's!!" collection, cute women face pin decorated with hats, millefiori and lot's of color!

Scroll down and check the tutorials and ideas in misspingu site, although in french you can follow the pictures.

Found this tutorial in Polymerclaycentral Delphi forum - it's all about using a Makin's Clay Extruder and Clay Core Adapters to can make Tile beads with perfect holes every time!

designs by who / Dee Whitney has such cuties in her flickr gallery, she loves creating with clay and you can see that in her dolls, The WHO stands for Whitneys Handmade Originals, she played with clay for years and has been making beads and embelishments for at least 3 or 4 years.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Tagged again - 16 things about me

Tagged again - 16 things about me

1. my original hair color is not red ;) i am changing my hair color every time i dye it, always changing the formula a little and adding some new touch of color, i need this refreshing look every time i look at the mirror.

2. My #1 everyday battle is struggling with weight and forever dieting, i love to eat (but hate to cook) and used to be much more "rounded", i lost 25kg (50 pound) 5 years ago and keeping it since, it's very hard for me, i hate dealing with it but... That's life...

3. My favorite music is 80's, 90's and soundtracks, i can listen to them endlessly, regarding favorite films - there are some films i can watch again and again - Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, The Green Mile and i have some more but i can't remember them now.

4. I am a person who needs immediate satisfaction - every thing i want i usually want it NOW, of course not every time it can happen, but i can try.

5. My polymer art came after some various artistic mediums - i studied 3 years fashion design in high school, then i was a computer instructor when i was in the army (where i met my husband), teached computers and graphic design, worked as a graphic designer in newspapers and PR offices, had a bachelor degree in Hebrew language and human services, took a course in professional makeup, learned balloon sculpturing by my self, tried to be a clown but it didn't work, i wasn't funny enough, and now i am working as a webmaster and designer.

6. i have the most amazing partner and husband, he is exactly my opposite, that's why we get along so good, we are together since i was 19, and we have 2 beautiful children. i am a worried mom, but i am learning how to let go.

7. My Business and Tag name is ARCOIRIS, my work involves colors and I wanted a foreign sound to it (not English/Hebrew) so I chose the Spanish word for rainbow :) i hope to learn Spanish and Italian one day.

8. I am a clean freak, always walk around the house with a broom/ vacuum cleaner and clean the leftovers of the children/cat/husband crumbs, i know it's crazy but i can't help it, when my maid comes and cleans my house she says it's the most cleanest house she has. the only place i can't organize is my polymer clay table, everything is all around, i clean and arrange it every time i have a private lesson in my studio, thanks' god i have those for putting things back in place.

9. i need peace and quite when i work, i can never work in a stressful environment or some high-tech company where you work like a maniac so that the boss gets the big bucks.

10. i have an eye for people, i can tell in few minutes what character, personality or nature of the man/woman stands in front of me, i hate liars back stabbers, braggers, two-faced, hypocritical people (my sign is Scorpio, i think it has something to do with that)

11. I honestly do not know what I want to be when I grow up, i enjoy doing many things and everything related to art interest me (see #5). i don't know how some people work/do the same thing 30 years at work and retire.

12. My 2nd best relaxation (after polymer clay) is sitting in my home garden and reading a book.
13. I wanted to be an English teacher when i graduated from high school, but...when i came to the university they told me my English grade is too low to be accepted. This proves that grades isn't everything, because i think i have good English. When i think of it, let's face it, i don't know if i would be good at being a teacher in school, maybe that was fate.

14. I feel so embarrassed when someone tells me they admire my work, it happens from time to time when i sell my art. one day i went to the pharmacy and i wanted to pay for the things i bought in my credit card, the girl in the counter looked at the name on my card and asked me - "are you Iris Mishly? THE Iris Mishly?" she told me she is a fan of my work and so on... it was so funny, i felt like a real celebrity that day :)

15. I try to avoid watching TV, in my spare time i read/create but 2 TV series i can't miss - "LOST" and "Survivor".

16. finding 16 facts about myself (that can be told in public... :) ) is not an easy task.

(photo taken in Carnival Cruise Ship, while we were in USA, with my lovely daughter, Maya)

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Polymeri Online 22.1.09

olya-o is a photographer from Moldova, she is 17. she is using polymer clay sculptures as beautiful scene for her stories told in her photos.

have you heard about Bleaching Baked Clay? this is a cool post by Martha Aleo's Ornamento blog - i have to try it!

take a look at Amantecatl cute White Terriers! so real! she is a Moscow-based polymer clay artist, and she is working on translating her blog and etsy to english :)

eirememories (spain?) has some cool tic-tac-toe polymer games - mice and cheese, flowers and leaf, she is also making frames to photos - check her FIMO collection...

last link comes with a warning - this etsy store is for ADULTS ONLY!! :)
i got this link from a fellow friend (should i tell who? LOL) and thought it would be funny :) thepricklyforest store is full of.... well... you'll have to check it your self (hint in the name of the store)... ;) beware...*giggling & blushing*

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


did someone said heart beads? i am making them in my sleep these days! i made so many this year i can make the moves with my eyes closed :) wake me up at 3am and i am doing them like charm!

Here are 3 more sets, i'm not sure i'll make some more till 2009 valentine...mmmm..well, i can't promise i won't, but i think i need to rest for a while!

Venus Gown set - - don't tell anyone, these are my favorites ever!

Beetle Love set with lot's of red little beetles i got from a clayer friend shay aaron -

tnx for watching!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Polymeri Online 15.1.09

some NZ stuff and more!

Bruce Smith - SciFi art Sculptor

Visit Victoria James site, some beautiful inro's there and her what's new page -

Tanya Marriott from New Zealand - Tanya Marriott designed and made her first doll at the age of 12, after participating in a porcelain dollmaking workshop for kids with Anne Styles in Petone. She had spent her childhood making "things" out of Fimo, and after the course, decided to sculpt her own pieces.

and of course Toni Ransfield with her beautiful polymer clay art and her egg covering expertise!
She also has a cool blog about being an american in NZ - i just laughed to tears... :)

Scott Radke is working with some special materials, his figures are both scary and facinating, even though not polymer clay, he is working with apoxy clay or magic sculpt, these are two part clays that cure in an hour or so, very interesting....(see photo)

Drawstrings in Motion has a great tutorial up on how to create a collapsible light box from foam core and posterboard that will only set you back about five dollars. Once you've taken your photos, the light box folds up for easy storage.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

every bead begins this way :)

this is where ~Purple Mood~ beads were born from :)

Those heart pillow beads are so fun to make, today i made some (25!) purple style beads, and added some "disc-chic" aluminum beads with the same pattern too.

If you want to learn more about how to make millefiori beads, pattern sheets, and heart pillow beads - check the "Polymer Play Days" event, held in England on May 2009, i will be teaching these exact things! :)

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Valentine is around the corner...

and I'm getting ready with some new fresh flowerly and colorful heart pillow beads!

These beads are made with my favorite canes lay down as a pattern sheet, every bead is handmade with lot's of love! burgundy? gold? strips? I got them all!

Cleasence sales & free shipping on 2 items or more!

check them out in my Etsy store -

TNX for watching!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Polymeri Online 8.1.09

Chameleon Designer - Nelson Paim from Brasil has the most amazing Mandalas i saw, decorative dolls (about 43 cm of height), vases - it's a celebration of color!

iMiNiYou figurine cake toppers from Vancouver, Canada are so cool! The head, body and background are all made of polymer clay!
Thank you Mira Krispil for these 2 links :)

Irma G. mosaic mirrors are beautiful, she studied art in Mexico at Instituto de Bellas Artes, had some exhibitions there. In her free time she likes to paint and make different things and experiment with different materials.

riky_le's - Vera Kuturov I loved her wonderful flower petals pendant

This page is loaded with advices and tips on how to make the most of photographing your items, although not all of us have the best equipment it's a good resource.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

BLACK AND WHITE challenge of Polymer Clay Artists Guild of Etsy (PCAGOE)

It's 2009! i woke up in a new year :)
let us pray that it will be the best year ever, full of GREAT adventures and experiences!
If you've got some good 2009 energy, please take the time and vote for the BLACK AND WHITE challenge of Polymer Clay Artists Guild of Etsy (PCAGOE)!

This month i am presenting my "i wish i..." necklace, which is made of black, white and grey metalic polymer clay stamped with some my heart's wishes, the clay was embedded in my recycled computer aluminum discs, it is 2 sided, so it can be changed in a second and you have a whole new look!

In 2009 i wish i...
dream the pinkest dreams
laugh as if every minute is funny and joyfull
believe that all wrong can be fixed
love my beloved and my friends
smile as if every day is a miracle
dance even if i do it in my own living room :)
have a great 2009!
lot's of good prizes for our voters!