Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Polymeri Online 23.7.14 | Master polymer sculpture, 3D paints stamping, Clay architects, Millefiori landscape cane tutorial, Colourful Zoo by Zuta and Thailand souvenirs

Polymer clay sculpturings
Nathan Flynn is a master in sculpturing. He uses his figures in stop-motion animations and works with super sculpey clay to creates super realistic, funny, perfect creations.
His Instagram profile mentions his partner Joshua Flynn and together they are responsibe for Sculpt Double designs.
Nathan is also a skilled animator which create motion pictures.
His process, figures and "Opening Night" video trailer is posted in his blog - and Josh’s blog -
It's amazing how animators work! take a look at all the million expressions, faces that can be assembled and taken apart to fit a theme!
Instagram -

3D paint with polymer clay
Looking for ideas to use your 3D paints?
Use them to create creative stamps!
Parole de Pate blog (Sabine Alienor) posted this tutorial long ago but it is never too old to try it!
The technique is very simple – draw or print your design, trace it with your paint, let dry completly and use with polymer clay!

Miniature architecture by Oliver
Oliver is a polymer clay architect. He is also 16.
He takes buildings, ships, cars, trains and other architectural items/miniatures and duplicates them in clay, in small scale.
He mentions tin foil in addition to polymer clay as one of his materials, probably used as an armature. What a fun way to use polymer clay! Wish I knew it when I was 16.

Polymer clay millefiori landscape cane tutorial
Here is a fun and easy tutorial for making a landscape cane by Mo Clay.
She is so passionate about sharing her experiments in polymer clay and you will find lots of finds in her youtube channel. Mo was mentioned not too long ago in Polymeri Online with another of her video tutorials.

Polymer clay owls by Zuta
Zuzana Talášková’s (Zuta art) flickr gallery is crowded with cats, owls, horses, elephants, fish and other millefiori jewellery.
Her colors are vibrant and her canes combinations are very geometric. Zuzana is from Czech Republic artist working with polymer clay since 2009.

Polymer clay elephants gifts
Speaking of elephants. I took Kni Kni’s idea, giving away souvenirs when traveling (she was in India) and both me and my children made really quick versions of it to give to our Thailand hosts. Kids cannot wait to spread the polymer word in Thailand too!
I cannot promise to post regularly while on the roads but you're welcome to follow me on Facebook for more traveling pictures. Take care till my return!

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Polymeri Online 12.7.14 | No-water polymer aquarium, Jumping jellies, Elephant kingdom, Oriental polymer tales, Extruder basket weaving tutorial, Netherlands teaching and Tools/tutorials special summer sale

In these hot summer days, all I can think is ocean, beach and cool water.
Thailand is just 2 weeks away and I am looking forward to taking a break from all that is going on in my country. Without getting into political talks or taking sides, these are not easy times in Israel.
Thank god I have polymer as my refuge from stress & worries. Read here why crafting is so important to keep us all sane from all that is around us. :)

Your own polymer clay no-water aquarium
NerdEcrafter posted this super cool tutorial using translucent clay, inks and clear resin.
In several simple steps you will learn how to create your own jelly fish and embed them inside a clear resin bath to create a cool looking aquarium!
You can follow her on FB as well -

Jumping Jellies by Kenzie
Speaking of jellyfish, here are Kenzie's Jumping Jellies. I've seen her pieces on Instagram and then headed to her Etsy shop.
She specialises in custom handmade jellyfish and nautical jewellery.

Elephant Kingdom by Kni Kni
Latvian polymer clay artist Kni Kni (I think her name is Inga Rosenberg) loves elephants.
Most of her flickr gallery is dedicated to these beautiful creatures - in mokume gane techniques, millefiori, stamped, sculpted, carved, mandala-ed - Elephants Kingdom!
Translation makes it a bit difficult to understand why this animal is so important to her, but like many of us, we just admire their sensitivity, their touching family relationship and their human eyes look. I cannot wait to see some of them in Thailand.

Polymer & felt - polymer clay tutorial

Julia Zhilenkova (Kovrigina) posted an "Oriental Tales" bracelet and earrings in the art "ragged edge" as translation suggests.
She is using felt as her base for the earrings and bracelet instead of clay. This will ensure a lightweight design and comfortable wearing. First, she is creating the circles design using mixed strands and a clay extruder and then measuring her felt and cutting accordingly.
The addition of seed beads around the design is lovely and at first sight you would think the design is made entirely of fabrics!

Thank you Monika Týna Brýdová for posting this link :)

Basket weaving polymer clay tutorial
In a mood for another polymer clay tutorial?
Here is Aleksanta's basket weaving beads. Once again, the extruder transform simple strands into a fun design. The antiquing at the end process adds a lot of depth to the bead.

Iris Mishly in Netherlands
Relevant more than ever - Just before the Mondial final game I am happy to announce that I will be teaching 2 days workshops in Rotterdam, Netherlands, on October 11-12, 2014 to cheer up the Netherlands ;)

The 2 classes will be an original blend of my 3 leading classes: The Brocade Collection purses, Moon Rocks beads (CosmicCeramic) and Skyscraper technique.
There are last 4 places in the Moon Rocks class and few places in the Skyscraper class!
If you're close by and would like to join us for two days of inspiring technique and lots of pleasure spending quality time with fellow polymer clay enthusiasts, ensure your place!

You can use Google translator as an assistant from dutch to english.

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Take care!