Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Polymeri Online 24.4.12 | Polymer knitted kitty, Millefiori owl & peony canes tutorials and Faux vinyl flower

Danielle Hof originally from Switzerland, now in the Netherlands shared with us the process of creating her millefiori owl cane.
She is working at a laboratory, both working in clinical diagnostics and doing research on blood tests and on her free time she enjoy making jewelry made of polymer clay.

Take a look at the next creation by Enchantress from Moscow, Russia. Isn't this amazing?
As a child she loved to sew and knit, it was the same as modeling,
only patches and threads. She secretly dragged from her mother's drawer needles, lace, crochet hooks, and all of those quietly moved to her room.
In her recent creation, she made this amazing kitty, it is 49 mm, not an ounce of textiles and paints, polymer clay only. No stamps, too, only 100 meters of different "plastic yarn" with a thickness of 0.1-0.2 mm.

Here is a video peek to see the kitty closely -

Another short flickr tutorial is by Carole B "CeeEee" on her creation of a polymer clay peony millefiori cane. Millefiori is probably her favorite technique, lot's of millefiori creations in her photo stream. You can find the packing of the cane in one of the links and the final cane after reduction on the second link.

A simple and easy new tutorial by Kael - this time it's a faux vinyl flower pendant. The flowers were inspired by a pair of black vinyl sandals that she purchased a couple of weeks ago. Kael was mentioned in PolymeriOnline blog before, with more of her tutorials. You can check them out here and here.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Where to shop for polymer clay accessories when in NYC?

Time to summarize some of the good shopping spots you can find in NYC and the West coast.These stores are wonderful mixed materials stores, carrying all kind of materials, tools, equipment of all kinds starting from cake decorating, beading, sewing, kitchen-ware and findings.

Here are places I love to go back to when I am visiting Manhattan and they are my personal preference of shopping :)

The first store, already mentioned in my blog several times is Metalliferous NYC, this store is a full-service supplier of metal, tools, and supplies to jewelers, craftist, hobbyists, metal workers, sculptors, and everyone interested in metal working and jewelry. If you are into silver findings you'll find anything there. You can also download their PDF catalogs and order online.The store is located on the 34 West 46th Street (next to the hotel I was staying at)

The 2nd place I love to visit is NY Cake store located at 56 West 22nd Street Between 5th & 6th Avenues.This store paradise, I can spend a day in there, checking closely every detail. They carry all the supplies you can think about for cake decorators and some of their tools, molds, cutters etc fits the polymer clay world as well. You can join their mailing list and get special announcements on special sales to your email and order online.

Blick Art Materials is also a paradise for any artist. Paints, chalks, pastels, pens, colored pencils, acrylics, glues, brushes, books and so much more! if it wasn't for the overweight (not mine! the suitcases! ;) I would buy so many things there! Located inside Bond st. in a great looking building.

A stroll along the 6th avenue is always a good idea when you are looking for beads, findings, jewelry parts and sewing materials.

M&J Trimming is another heaven. As a former fashion designer I was amazed when I first saw this store! Sawarovski rhinestones, buttons, ribbons, braids, beaded fringe, trim, jacquards, tassels, and embroideries - is this real?
Located in 1008 sixth Avenue (between 37th and 38th) this store has many items you can use with polymer clay - laces, appliques and fabric as textures, addition to your jewelry and designs, mix media findings and many more.

Another store I love to visit and not because it's any different then the others, but their service is always with a big smile :) It's a small finding shop selling silver and gold findings, gemstones, tools and jewelry supplies called BeadKraft located on Broadway 30th st.

Don't forget Staples and Wallmart which is a great resource for Bic and Papermate pens for polymer covering and for stickers, I love to stamp my own "thank you" stickers.
Did I mention Barnes and Noble for us "non USA" people who just die to have a 3 stories store full of books? a half floor just for art and crafts!
And last one is "Sur La Table" in the Los Angeles Farmers Market - a kitchen supplies store with lot's of goodies - 1$ cookie cutters! :)

So, dear shoppers, when you have the chance to pamper yourself with some "toys for the soul" - these are the places you may want to visit!
Until next time (in US) - Clay away!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Polymeri Online 15.4.12 | Abstract face brooch, White vase tutorial, Finger food jewelry, Trolls & goblins

Finally home! Feels great to be back home, sleep in my own bed, peek inside my studio, pack some orders and even stand in the kitchen and cook! :)The trip was fabulous and I found great stores for you tourists, visitors and US shoppers, crafts & polymer clay related items, I will gather them all and post them soon.

Back to the weekly inspiration - "Tramps & Glams" is the result of creative collaboration that started between Milena Babić & Miloš Samardžić since 2008. The pair create bold, unusual and surreal polymer clay jewelry. Silent film ladies,charming tramps, whimsical and surreal creatures.

Take a look at this delicate and "zen-like" tutorial by Busy-Mom, After seeing a unique vase in the store, she decided to try and re-create a similar effect with a bottle, acrylic paint and white polymer clay. Simple and elegant.

Finger food Jewelry is another pair (or more?) artists creating dellicious art, they are not promising to bring luck or improve Chakra energies - just to keep people smile.
You can see a close up on their behind the scenes in this link

Kathy Davis is playing with felt and polymer clay and creating trolls and goblins that are both cute and scary :) She is a pro in doll making and her creations are so detailed and beautiful.
You can find one of her old featured articles in PCPolyzine magazine here

Monday, April 2, 2012

California Traveling

While sitting for the laundry and dryer finishing their work I am finding some time to tell about my trip, of course in relation to polymer clay as well.

After 16 hours of flight we landed in Los Angeles and had great 3 days (2 of them in "6 flags" park & Universal Studios), needless to say that I am not a roller coaster person so mostly I was enjoying the smiling sun beams and helping the gang with the endless backpack bags (15 to be exact). One of these 3 days was devoted to seeing some of the tourist attractions, the Hollywood sign, stars avenue and the Beverly hills celebrities homes (are they really their homes? ;))

Then, moving on the our next stop - San Francisco we drove through a small town called Cambria and I took a walk along the street when suddenly I saw a familiar sight looking at me through a store window - a big turtle sculpture made by no other then Jon Anderson.
When I walked into the gallery I found lots of Anderson's creations, small and big animals wearing beautiful millefiori canes and looking shiny and elegant.
After telling the show owner I am a polymer clay artist myself she asked me if I want to see them in close and I gladly agreed. I have to say that they are as wonderful as they appear online. All those details, perfection - amazing.

Another polymer clay artist was featuring her work in the same gallery, a local artist called Jolene Chaves which is working mostly with polymer clay as a mosaic medium and combine stamping and texturing to create a framed piece. I couldn't find any details on her on google, but according to the gallery info she is a California native and has been creative in many diverse fields from photography to fabric art. The assembly of her pieces into her final collages is adhered, antiqued, glazed, coated and framed.
What a great polymer surprise!
My family and travel companions were delighted to see quality polymer clay work by these 2 outstanding artists!

Everything is going great and after visiting Alcatraz today we are moving on tomorrow to the Yosemite park and from there to Las Vegas, NYC and home. Still lots to see & buy! :)

Have a good night everyone, I am off to fold the laundry and get some sleep...