Thursday, June 25, 2009

Polymeri Online 25.6.09

Clay illustration - Tammy Durham sculptures wonderful trees and birds, to her they represent freedom and she tries to capture that moment.

Susan Averello from Fantazy Clay is sharing her pixie tutorial with us, this cute figure is just asking me to try!

Claire Maunsell is a professional glass blower for almost 20 years, since the family move around a lot, she have been working with a medium that is much more portable for her -polymer clay has many of the characteristics of hot glass - malleable, brilliant colours, ability to build millifiori canes and more!

Look at this cute Dog cane by Israeli artist Ben-David !

Dumauvobleu from france, is a self taught polymer clay artist since 2007, jewelry designer
and painter. Her unique pendants are made from canes, blends, sheets, textures, stripes and interesting designs.

Dora Giveaway - Winners!

Thank you all for joining and sending some or your favorite color mixings!

This was my 1st giveaway and it was such fun!
Yesterday evening i asked my son to join me for the drawing, i asked him which way he prefered - the old fashion way with notes in a basket or the computer way, of course he chose the old fashion way! (it's the same way my 2 children are drawing who is going to get in the shower first! LOL)

Well, i had a real tough accountant on my side, he wanted everything to be perfect - "mommy, don't fold the notes this way, do it THAT way", then we decided we can't let so many people down - "mommy, i would be very disappointed if i didn't win", i told him - "i know sweety, but not everyone can win - what do you say, maybe we let 4 people win?" He smiled :)

after we put all the notes in a basket the game begun: He is closing his eyes (as if he knows someone written on those notes) and chose one at a time :)
1st was - Crazy Nancy

2nd was - Hope131

3rd was - Emma Phillips
4th was - Zabica67
all 4 winners, please send me your address to ship the Dora cane, my email for sending is
thank you all for participating, my son send regards to all winners :) !

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Giveaway! Dora the explorer canes!

Last year i made a HUGE size dora the explorer cane, it was a special request from my 2 sweet little nieces and i made so many items from it, but... the cane keeps hanging around and it simply refuse to end!! The 2 girls are now grown up and i can give it away :)

So I thought, why won't i ask some of you guys/girls if you need some?
well, if you want to recieve a free 2 inch cane of Dora's, i invite you to leave a comment with your favorite color mixing recipe of polymer clay, from you own polymer clay "cookbook", just tell us which brand, what colors, how many from each color and what is the final result :) this can be a good resource for other people as well!

I love color mixing!!!
I’ll select 2 random winners in my weekly thursday post of polymerionline!

Let's hear you!

Book Review - CLAY SO CUTE: 25 Polymer Clay Projects for Cool Charms, Itty-Bitty Animals, and Tiny Treasures

Sherri Haab is coming out with a new Polymer Clay book called CLAY SO CUTE: 25 Polymer Clay Projects for Cool Charms, Itty-Bitty Animals, and Tiny Treasures. (Watson Guptill, July 2009) - and i enjoyed every minute reading it!

The book teaches tweens and their friends and family how to make fun and fashionable accessories and gifts: Dandy Candy Bracelets or Bubble Rings that can hold photos of pets, friends or wannabe boyfriends!

Author Sherri Haab shows crafters how to make tiny cupcakes that can be turned into necklaces or Polka-Dot Ponytail Holders which add instant style and Where’s My Luggage??? Tags which will make this summer the most fashionable season ever. From jewels to collectible critters, this polymer clay guide is perfect for a girls’ night! Sherri uses step-by step illustrated instructions, few tools and updated colors to make tween-friendly projects like robot key chains, Japanese style animals and a wide assortment of necklaces, bracelets and earrings.

Clay So Cute! is a celebration to all you girls! (young and less young LOL), perfect fun workshop to those summer vacation days! a sweet discovery for creative polymer clay enthusiasts of all ages! i will definitly get some ideas from this book to sit with my sweet daughter and friends!
You can find it in Lisa's site - and in other sites!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Polymeri Online 18.6.09

Mydesigncollectibles has been working with polymer clay for several years, yet never cease to be amazed at the versatility of this medium. her business card holders are amazing! so full of character! frogs, birds, you have to see for yourself.

Maja from Slovenia has participated in my polymer play days workshop and she was so productive! her latest post was calles "flower power" which is such a great slogan for her beautiful flowery new items! i read it using a slovenian translator (which is so funny sometimes when it translate into hebrew) it's so nice of her to mention me! thank you Maja :)

Gwen from & is making things which makes me feel so proud of artists like her, she is part of a group calles - "Artists Helping Animals" and 10% of all purchases goes to the monthly animal charity. She loves nature and flowers, Using polymer clay she is able to make designs to allow this love to be reflected around her house.

Check out Lori Smith myblingthings tips for jewelry! most useful!

Pat's work is so cute! her skinny girls and boys are adorable.

Harry potter miniatures! I am such a harry potter fan! Vicky Guile, live in Jarrow in the North East of England, look at her Sorting Hat sculpture!!

Monday, June 15, 2009

New E-Book! How to Create Backgroundless Millefiori Canes - 6 Colorful Flower Canes Step-by-Step TUTORIAL by me

A New tutorial is born!

Following my Polymer-Play-Days workshop in England, I was asked to share my knowledge and experience regarding teaching flower canes without background to people who can't come to learn overseas.

My tutorial demonstrates how to make 6 different backgroundless millefiori flower canes and some variations, with clear and detailed instructions, 25 pages and about 70 full-color pictures to guide you through.

The tutorial is not intended for a final project, you can be your own designer by combining these colorful canes in your own work.

check it out!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Polymeri Online 11.6.09

Soooooo, after having a little rest (not really) from Polymer Play Days (and completing
all my duties as a neglecting mother :) (joking of course), here is another thursday coming with some goodies from my polymer clay links bag -
Beadingdaily is a great site, don't remember how i became subscribed on it (probably did it and forgot about it) but i found some very good links in that site, here are some of
the polymer clay and other links i found interesting -
6 expert tips for creating marbled polymer clay beads

and another article about polymer clay beads

a general article very useful - making your own jump rings -

more links - Israeli art this time!
Irit Shainzinger - is an israeli making Clay illustration, "katanchik" in hebrew means small!

Cielo Design / Miriam is another Israeli making AMAZING work with seed beads and polymer clay - i just admire people with such a talent and patience, she says that she is a bead artist exploring fun and exciting new ways to make jewelry and wearable art.

have a great weekend!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Polymer Play Days - AMAZING 6 days

So... what did we have for total - 6 days, 6 teachers, 1 polymer play days event, 1 flight from Tel-Aviv to London and back, 2 coaches, 3 classes, 3 groups, 1 robbin hood & castle, and a great swap "Raffle party" with fish n' chips!

Oh my, did i had a good time, these were AMAZING 6 days, full of happy experiences, Adrenalin and energy, smiles & laughs, good food, claying joy, and all the best superlatives i can give!

I got to Heathrow on Thursday after 5.5 hours flight and took a coach to Nottingham where Helen waited for me together with Donna Kato, who arrived earlier; I took my things and went to rest so i can be fresh the next day getting organized for the workshop.
The next day we arranged goodie bags, sorted out the Kato clay which was provided to the students and had a sunny and fun day, the weather was smiling at us all weekend!

Saturday was THE day, we started our workshops and every student took 2 classes per day, we had students from all over Europe: Germany, Italy, France, Greece, Russia, Estonia, All UK, Norway, Spain and Israel. they were all so nice! I met some of my favorite virtual (flickr or blogs) friends, so happy to meet them in person finally!

These 3 days were like a dream, i enjoyed every minute! I was surprised to see how many people love millefiori flowers and that I can open up a whole new world to them!

On the last day we had a beads swap & "raffle party" - that was such fun! Dani was hilarious!

Thank you all for making this event possible - to dear Helen Cox who planned and organized every thing perfectly, to my colleague teachers: Donna, Alison, Sylvie, Natalia and Dani, to all my students who were so kind to me and letting me know how much they enjoyed my class!

Make lots of flower canes and paint your world in colors!
Kisses and hugs :)

Photos are here:

and here