Thursday, May 29, 2008

Polymeri Online 29.5.08

Jana Benzon in Israel! :) and what a festival it is! just enter our guild page and see how many photos of Jana's canes, inspiration and art! although i didn't have a chance to see her yet :( i want to thank you Jana.

Katie from polymerchick says she is going to be having her own polymer clay business soon. She does custom figurine orders, as well as toppers for wedding, birthday, baby showers, and every other kind of party that has a cake that needs a topper.

Do you know Melanie Mortel glass beads? look at grisble inspiration with her polymer clay beads - isn't that wonderfull?!

a football sculpturing tutorial by litana

Igor Ching San from Brazil is 26, working mostly with Sculpey & Sculpey Flex, his drawings and sculpturings are so cute and funny! (see photo)

Jill Willich have a site full of fantasy art - Dragons, Faeries, Elves and more! After years of being a commercial artist, Jill started creating her art dolls. With the concerns of everyday life; bills, family, health, world issues, she finds adding a little flavor with the humor of her art a great escape. she says - "If my work can bring a smile, giggle or even the hint of a grin to an otherwise mundane day, I feel I’ve done my job."

Amélie is in love with the world of cinema & animation. this is when she started to create her own characters. Her characters are a mixture of the puppets and the animated, produced mostly from FIMO.

Great fimo tutorials by greenimp!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Polymeri Online 22.5.08

Cherry Boop / Karen Sleseris from Uruguay makes adorable food jewelry!

Laurel plays with polymer clay and beads and digital art. She has been collecting techniques for the last few years, including working with polymer clay, Photoshop Elements, beads, shrink plastic.

Cute Fimo figurines!

Liquid polymer clay test (post dated 12 février 2008) - See how translucent is the liquid clay after baking - (if the link is temporarily not working try again later)

Magnets with cute faces

All Breed Dog Art - Ginny Baker is sculpturing ALL kinds of dogs in polymer clay, She is creating pins, frames, etc. of a variety of dog breeds.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Jim Jenkins's - "Bognogginz"

It is always like that, when i think i would probably can't find new polymer clay flickr artists, i find it!

This is Jim Jenkins from San Diego, US. He never set out to make little creatures and caricature from clay. When he started he was just playing with modeling clay. As he played he would notice faces and figures looking back at him from the clay. He made them almost by accident, It was just what happened in the clay. From there he continued to develop the creatures and their expressions and their emotions. It is a lot of fun for him! He liked doing his unique little beasts because he had never seen anything like them. It can't be wrong if he made it up, right? From there he developed a back story about the "Bognogginz". The Bognogginzare a race of creatures from a place deep in the swamps of Southern Louisiana called Johnson's Bog. Johnson's Bog is not your typical swamp. It is more a reflection of our society and an opportunity to make comment on things that exist in the real world. He called them "Bognogginz" because they are from a bog and almost all face and head.

Jim teaches the occasional class in San Diego and volunteer at local schools to bring his passion for working in synthetic modeling compounds to young up and coming artists in the area.

Thank you Jim for sharing this info with us, i love your work!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Polymeri Online 15.5.08

Tatiana Franchi from Sao Paulo, brasil is making gourgous polymer clay figures!

Polymer Clay Club is where you get fun polymer clay tutorials every month!
Free Polymer Clay Projects!

Tina Holden is a Artist and Beadworker in multi-media. Polymer Clay, wire, beads, fiber....alone or in combination of all

maureenthomasdesigns / Maureen Thomas
Maureen Thomas is currently into polymer clay, She collects many things (especially beads) and loves vintage and antique objects, pottery, textiles, glass, etc.

auntgriz / Betty Jo Hendershott
Betty is a novice polymer clay artist. She enjoys designing jewelry and small containers.

Tutorial for Making scuptures from tinfoil

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Polymeri Online 8.5.08

I'm sure you've seen Cynthia Tinnaple link on the Iterative Algorithmic Polymer Clay
well, try that with cookies - real cookies?

For all you "i'm afraid i don't know how to shoot good photos" (i'm in too by the way) here's a 1 minute light tent with only a few facial tissues -

Abstracts fimo rings, by Dominika Naborowska / Dominika, she is from Poland, she likes contemporary jewelry most, including sculptural pieces from found objects and different unexperienced materials.

Using seedbeeds in designs is something i started too, it's such fun and it upgrades any piece.

Clay Illustration by Paul Moldovanos - The Clayman's Funhouse, The Clayman's 3D Cartoon artist is making Illustration, Character Design, CG and Stop Motion Clay Foam Puppet Animation and more! He's from Vancouver, BC, Canada

If you're looking for fast & easy children/adults figures to sculpture, here's a page you can take ideas from
and here are some more -

as_art_up / _andrea from Germany makes great drawings and some fimo too! her sketches makes me want to make a millefiori cane :)

Friday, May 2, 2008

I've been tagged!

I've been tagged by Barb aka rubarb Fajardo, i don't really know what is the meaning of being "tagged" but i'll play along :)
I just want to say that personally i don't like "chain letters" so since this circle is almost endless (most of us like the same blogs) i am just linking my favorite blogs but they don't have to keep the chain :)
I am reading few dozen blogs each week, besides polymer clay daily and some other blogs that each polymer clay artist probably reads, these are my Favorite Blogs:

Art Bead Scene by Heather Powers -
non polymeri blog - Bent Objects by Terry -
Exploring the Art of Polymer Clay by Janice Abarbanel -
Stonehouse Studio -
Polymer Clay Notes by Susan Lomuto -
Polka Dot Creations by Lisa Clarke -
PetitBijoux * Unique Handcrafted Jewelry -
Imagine Uncommon Things by Kim Cavender -
Nir Shani hebrew blog -
9 blogs and i can list many many more :)

Seven things about me:
1. I love junk food but i usually try eating healthy.
2. I am celebrating my 3rd year of keeping my weight (after loosing 50 pounds/25kg) . I promise i will post photos of before and after one day :)
3. Iam the eldest, i have 2 younger sisters.
4. My 2 adorable children are 12 & 9 yrs, girl and a boy and they are waiting impatiently for us to fly this summer to the USA for my daughter Bat-Mitzva trip.
5. Both my husband an i met during my army service in the Navy and we are together since.
6. I need at least 8 hours of sleep every night - what about you?
7. I owe my love to polymer clay to my neighbour who took me to a 2 hour workshop "learning what is polymer clay". She never worked with again.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Polymeri Online 1.5.08

Israeli Independence day is a week from today, here is a nice tutorial of our star of david flag, for the patriotic ones among us ;)

On the same subject - Julie Picarello wrote an interesting article about the Israeli Polymer Clay Guild, thank you Julie!

Eva Soehjar is an artist from Cambridge, United Kingdom, she is experimenting in contemporary jewelery design created with a new and original technique. Every piece of her products is crafted and painted by hand to make every piece unique. So delightful!

Mary Tempesta, was born and grew up in Sydney, Australia and living in Italy for the past 13 years. they lived in Denmark and Holland too.

telula68 or CaveLightBazaar is making interesting mosaic art with polymer clay. Her pieces are made of individual polymer clay tiles. Many of the tiles have been impressed with rubber stamp images while others are painted. In place of some tiles she uses beads, glitter or found objects.

Renee Buchanan is a sculptor by passion and a chemist by profession. Her mother (Darlene) and herself started the Ragtree Company together and are expanding this year into soap and candles.