Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Polymeri Online 16.12.14 | Playing with polymer dolls, Owl with 1000 wings, Triangular swirl beads, Tree of animals and Last minute polymer clay Christmas projects ideas

Jana's polymer dolls
Jana Lehmann has another happy collection of clay creations.
After playing with pens, mice and beetles it's time to play with dolls! 
Her smily figurines will be a wonderful addition to every jacket or scarf!
Do you know if she has a shop?
I was lucky to have a set of her jewellery when I was teaching in Germany a couple of years ago...

The owl with 1000 wings necklace
Polish artist VaniLlamaArt (Dorota Ka) posted a beautiful necklace made of endless wings surrounding an owl.
The owl is made ​​of white and gold Fimo along with golden pigment and was her submission to the gold and white challenge.
She sells some of her beads on Etsy - https://www.etsy.com/shop/VaniLlamaArt

Free video tutorial -
Triangle swirl beads
BijouxMonaBujoux (Migena Hilaj from Italy) posted an easy triangle swirl beads video tutorial in her youtube channel.
She takes the regular method of swirling the beads created with plastic/glass top and then force the bead into a triangular shape which gives an interesting twist.
You can find her in Etsy, Pinterest and Flickr.

Free tutorial!
Gold leaf beads
Studio Artesania (Andrijana Katavic) posted a colourful beads tutorial combining gold leaf/foil with coloured clay to create a fresh necklace to go with every outfit.
Now that it's getting colder, adding this colourful necklace to a dark apparel would be a perfect match.

Tree of animals
Anekaterina (Andrejevskaja Ekaterina) is designing a tree of animals this Christmas.
She created colourful polymer animals out of round Christmas decorations giving each of them a character and a rounded belly :)


Last minute polymer clay
Christmas projects ideas
Last, here is a reminder of PolyPediaOnline YouTube channel Christmas projects to spark some ideas for creating gifts for yourself of loved ones!
Tree decorations, Snowman pens, Mistletos project and more!

Have a great creative day!


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