Saturday, January 29, 2011

Polymeri Online 29.1.11

Tania Podoleanu has posted a mini tutorial in the israeli blog, it's a nice variation for making a beaded bracelet to people who are allergic to metal of any kind. She is demonstrating a bead tiles bracelet mounted on felt, with no metal accessories, and velcro finish. The beads are being glued on the felt strip. Take a look, even though it's in hebrew, the small DOC icon over there (it's small but there) is downloading an english doc file tutorial.

Pieces of Dream by Deanna / Deanna Miller is a mixed media artist working primarily with polymer clay, my eyes was caught on her steampunk butterfly - at first look it looks like real copper!

Kirsten Miller - QuernusCrafts has cute sculpturing of animals, she is a former lawyer who finally realised the error of her ways and left behind a successful career to follow her heart! It only took her 15 years! what an inspiration!

Valentine is so close, even though this project is not polymer clay, i thought you may like this one - a paper clip heart: easy and cute!

Have a warm weekend, finally rain again here :)

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Pile of crumbs all over your table and floor?

Did you ever try conditioning dry clay and got a pile of crumbs all over your table and floor?
Here is my solution to this mess!
I took a chocolate box and after it's content has vanished (I'm innocent!! ;) ) I used it for storing short canes and I figured that the lid can be used as a small tray under the pasta machine to catch all those crumbs falling from the dry clay conditioning.
This way you don't have to clean the table and floor, and the tray is helping us to collect the leftovers back into the clay sheet, every falling crumb or piece is waiting to be cleaned or back to the clay for further conditioning.
When you're done, all you have to do is take a baby wipe and clean the tray!

Watch my Youtube video demonstrating it! In the video you will find other conditioning tips i am using for old, dry and even fresh clay.

Now, get yourself some chocolate :)

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Polymeri Online 20.1.11

Geek millefiori for cool people! That's Bear Duck description of his stuff, "Bearduck" is actually what they call their pet Newfoundland, who looks like a bear and acts like a duck :) Those millefiori canes are super fun!

SilverLeafShiny is handmade mixed media jewellery by Anna Roberts, combining polymer clay with foil, shimmer powder, metal leaf and any other shiny things she can get my hands on. :)

In Fizzyclaret Etsy store you will find handmade miniature items as well as other unusual pieces of art.
I loved her silver tinted rose pendant!

My Fimo Kitchen is Gordana Radovanovic from Serbia, and indeed she has some cool polymer cookin'! check out the strainer she is using for displaying her beads, I think it's a briliant idea for drying them after varnish too! cool!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Polymeri Online 14.1.11

Cassandra Graham uses stones, bones, crystals, feathers & leathers in her jewelry. Her new obsession is art dolls which are ooak polymer clay with wire armatures to which she adds the costuming.
I like her slogan - "Life is too short to wear the ordinary!"

Amy Crawley is a mixed media artist who creates fine art and functional art. Her spirit messengers, icons, and fortune pyramids are inspired by nature, the spirit of ancient cultures and her travels around the world. She uses polymer clay, air dry clay, foil armature & wire in her creations.

Suzanne Anderson background is in painting and graphic design but she has always been deeply interested in jewelry design, body ornamentation and the relevance of fashion. In particular, she is intrigued by how what we wear affects our perception of ourselves and others’ perception of us. She defines her work with polymer clay as a material that is not precious but is transformed through the process into a precious item - couldn't agree more!

Thelma Aviani has various designs and materials in her site, she is from Brazil and work also with polymer clay.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Poly-Dictionary and polymer clay basics

When i created PolyPediaOnline site, my intention was to make it comprehensive as possible, in my vision i saw artists and talented friends, discovering polymer clay, find everything they need to start their journey in polymer clay - how to start, important tools and materials we need without spending a lot of money right from the start, types of polymer clay, tips on how to condition, how to store polymer clay, how to bake, safety tips and information i have learned over time.

After these pages were ready i listed all the tools, materials, terms and techniques i know and prepared the Poly-Dictionary so that every person browsing the web, gooling or reading a tutorial will understand the terms and materials listed - What does "slicing" or "wrapping" means and what is "a plug", for example.

The list is not complete, but ready to publish, I'm sure i missed some terms but they will be added, I am sure this list may become handy to every polymer clay fan.

I will be happy to hear your comments and if there are missing terms or something needs correction - let me know!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Polymeri Online 7.1.11

"Siman-Tov" which means in hebrew - "good sign" is a website belongs to Israeli Mirit and Ilan Eliyahu, very talented and special people which can not hear. They are creating special decorations using sign language sculpturing in polymer clay, mostly with the sign "I love you" in a hand form. Their challenge is to teach who ever is interested the unique sign language and a person can order his/her own name in polymer clay signs/hands showing the letters in sign language.
I was wondering, is sign language global and words (not letters) looks the same in every language? wished they had an english version of the site so you can read about these lovely people.

Another artist with beautiful polymer clay sculpturings using sign language is Krystal Zimmerman aka MoonlightAura (photo on right). She chose the name Moonlightaura due to the fact that since she works a second shift job, most of the items she creates occur within the moonlight hours. The majority of her work revolves around sign language and this stems from her working with children. At her current job she works with children who are mainly temporary with them, waiting to be placed in foster care and although none of them are deaf, she noticed that it is much easier to teach them something with some sort of prop. Thus birthed the idea for ASL hands.

Nina Nell is an artist and author. Since her childhood, she creates One Of A Kind sculptures and write different kind of stories.

Lovely collection of cross stitch canes by Zoeowyn / Laura M

Monday, January 3, 2011

Puffy heart beads and "diamond-like" magnets?

Valentine's Day is around the corner!
Although Valentine's Day isn't a jewish holiday, it's still one of my favorite days and it's a good excuse to leave all the laundry/cooking/dishes (& kids) at home and show my love to my sweet other half that makes my artistic passion possible :)

Among the gifts given as a Valentine's Day gift, jewelry is the most common.
Why not make it ourselves? Handmade jewelry goes a step farther by being a gift that is truly from the heart.

I have been playing with ideas and came up with 2 new tutorials for the holiday. They can be used for Valentine's Day but not only! they are also great for any time of year and you will learn a new technique to use in your future projects!
The new heart themed tutorials make perfect gifts for the upcoming Valentine's day!

Wishing you a LOVEly day :)