Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Polymeri Online 31.10.12 | Healing polymer clay, 25 favorite list, Curved blade and Michaels 146 clay projects

Polymer clay Sculpture by Antonia
Midnight orange is D. Antonia's polymer clay shop. She was living on her own since she was 16 years old and at the time was literally a starving artist. Still in high school and working 20 hours a week, she found she couldn't pay her bills so began making simple beaded necklaces that were sold at the cafeteria lunch tables.
On 2009 she discovered clay, aiming to capture humanity, feelings and emotion, she saw her pieces touch people. This was her greatest reward. Her sculptures are now used by therapists in places around the world as part of the healing process.
Every artist can relate to her message - "Whether I earn one dollar or one hundred dollars off a piece of my artwork, the ability to make someone laugh, cry, or heal is by far the most humbling and extraordinary payment I could ever have hoped to receive." I wish Antonia all the luck in the world, a true inspiring story.

The 25 favorite polymer clay items list

Please take a look at Melody's O'beau's 25 favorite polymer clay studio tools, gadgets & glues part 1 and part 2 - great stuff!

Polymer clay curved blade

Why won't we make ourselves a new tool? is sharing her way of creating a curved blade.
This webpage refused to be translated by any of my translators but looking at the pictures I am guessing we have to drill the blade and use a nut of a bolt to secure it? Hope I understood correctly.

Polymer clay pumpkin tutorial
Last one is Michaels projects page, containing new tutorials for clay. Choose the "clay crafting" section on your left and you will see 146 projects to choose from. I liked the mixed media pumpkin project using Premo Clay. The project was demonstrated by Syndee Holt. Some of the projects are made with air dry, fimo or other clays.,default,sc.html

Yes, I know it's been a while, I did not forget my PolyPediaOnline duties and I am currently working on a new class, as usual it is a big project. My vocals are off at the moment (Hoarse? is that the word?) so thank god I do not have to do recordings otherwise I wouldn't recognize my own voice. Hopefully the new class will be online toward the end of the November or sooner. Thank you for asking how I am doing :) I appreciate it.

This Saturday is my 41st birthday (and my daughter's is celebrating her 16th), I am hosting a festive noon party, any ideas for tasty beverages? ;)
Take care you all, especially the folks in the eastern side of US...

Monday, October 22, 2012

Polymeri Online 22.10.12 | Kinetic box, Polymer clay tree ornaments, Snow globe tutorial and Globe rings

Wanaree's hinged metal box tutorial
I came across this video a while ago and bookmarked it so I can share it with you guys. Although this class is for metal clay artists you may find some of the ideas shown here useful with your polymer clay work.
Wanaree Tanner is documenting the creation of a "Gallery Box": a kinetic, hinged metal clay box with interchangeable tiles. Makes me think again about trying metal clay...polymer rocks! ;)
Yvi's FIMO tree ornaments

Now that the holidays are getting closer, here is an idea for a tree ornament! Take a look at Austrian artist Yvi`s (Yvonne) Torten & Tortenfiguren flickr gallery, it's full of cute sculpturing including themed figures for various occasions. Some made of suger/cakes paste and some made of fimo clay.
These little figures sitting on top of a round clay ball (or is it a glass ball?) I love the little purple one with it's turning head...
here is her website -

Polymer clay tutorial -
How to create a simple snow globe
Another tutorial I found online is by Ivanna, a Russian mix-media artist who teaches how to create a snow globe of a snowman. All you need a spices glass jar (the one we use to put paprika and other "polymer inclusions") and make your own snow globe!

Polymer clay globe ring
and speaking of globes, here is a globe ring by Donna Cruz-Comia from the Philippines, Donna says she is not keen on making miniatures so this posed a challenge for her. A real statement jewel!

Please forgive my delayed post, a nasty virus happened to like my company. Now all is better and I am back to my regular routines. Have a great week!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Polymeri Online 13.10.12 | Mes petits mondes polymer, Easy polymer clay bowl project, Vampire teeth necklace, Massage your hands earrings project, Skeleton tights!

Polymer clay "my small world"
Céline Roumagnac takes a scene and transform it beautifully into a lid of a box (pill box maybe?), ball or other center piece. She calls this series of designs - "Mes petits mondes" - "my small world" (link on the left menu of her website). Her fields of interest are various - polymer, paper, felt, fabric and others.
More on her flickr as well -

Polymer clay free tutorial - Bowl

Adrianne, from Happy Hour projects blog offers an easy polymer clay project - a clay bowl. Her blog is all about easy projects you can do in an hour or less.
Don't miss her other polymer clay classes -

Polymer clay vampire teeth necklace
Check out this bloddy vampire teeth necklace by Neverlandjewelry on Deviantart, pearl clay seems to be the base material for these cool teeth.
You can find more by Amanda from Neverland in her etsy store - jellyfish pendant, brain earrings, grey cloud necklace and more... Amanda is a stay at home mother of 3 kids, with a degree in photography from the Art Institute of Colorado. According to her she is a mommy who loves her Xbox and Zombie movies.

Polymer clay earrings tutorial
A easy (but for the patient ones) project was posted in the Israeli forum board by Yonat Dascalu - "DIY: Vogue Featured nOir Earrings". According to the creator (makeitmakeit? couldn't find her name) - "You make them yourself.  Then you massage your bleeding hands and shed a few tears while wearing your fabulous new earrings.  Seriously, these earrings were tedious and time consuming to make, so save them for a Sunday afternoon." :)
Good luck!

Skeleton tights project
Not polymer clay related but my fashion passion couldn't leave this link out when Halloween is around the corner - turn your black tights into skeleton tights! this is such a cool project I am certain to create for the next "Purim" party!

Friday, October 5, 2012

Polymeri Online 5.10.12 | Eve's duality, Olympic inspired headband, Ceramic and polymer, Bunny ring tutorial

Polymer clay piece
Eve's duality

ClayCatShop posted a polymer clay wall art (I think that is what it is) called "Eve's Duality": an apple, a degree, babies and cell phones? Interesting story here. The piece is made of a painted background, a figure and curls of polymer to decorate it. You can check the process of Eve's Duality's creation here -
ClayCatShop was mentioned on PolymeriOnline about 1 year ago with her lovely pendants, her flickr is full of polymer delights.

Polymer clay Olympic Headband
Olympics is over but here is a quick project to create your own olympic inspired bronze (gold or silver?) headband by Heidi from HandsOccupied blog. You can purchase silver/gold toned metal headbands to paint in your favorite color or cover with fabric and make your own design with polymer.

Ceramic and polymer
Mareike Scharmer posted vessels which combines ceramic and polymer together. This looks like millefiori canes slices placed on ceramic bases - lovely design.
Mareike was mentioned here with her polymer clay toilets (yes!) and bathroom decorations about a year ago as well.
Don't miss her painted car, she has courage, this lady :) Love it!

Polymer clay bunny ring tutorial
17DIY China website posted a cute tutorial for making a bunny ring - No English here but the photos gives a glimpse to the process

Have fun!