Monday, August 30, 2010

Summer TRIO!

The countdown is really on now as there are only 2 more days left of summer vacation, and then the kids are back to school. They're not too happy about it, but I sure am *LOL* While it's been wonderful having them home, it's been chaotic as well :)

It is also the "end of the summer", but that doesn’t mean all of the fun has to stop :)
the weather is still hot every where on the planet, so the good news is that summer will stay for a while. In Israel it usually leaves at my birthday month (November) so we have a long wait!

While i was thinking for "end of summer" tutorials ideas, my daghter & myself went to buy her school equipment, getting ready for next year (she is 14).
We walked around, when suddenly her old Havaianas flip-flops came apart and we started laughing, "what should i do now, mom? walk barefoot?" she asked me, so we added a new pair of Havaianas to our list and i got a nice reminder about my popular flip-flops beads i used to make - they are always a big hit, making them with adults and children - why not write a tutorial about it?

So, just before the summer officially ends and the cooler weather comes our way, let's celebrate this time with an event that’s gonna leave a warm reminder -
Summer Trio is for you! fun for everyone!

I have come up with 3 New PolyPediaOnline Summer Classes -
1 - 3 variations of my Fashionable (and comfortable!) flip flop beads! to be used as charms for cell phones, keychains, earrings, pendants and so much more!
2 - Round, shiny and colorful beach ball beads! you will certainly love to attach to your summer beads
3 - Lot's of cool popsicle beads! - ice, vanilla, chocolate, cream, strawberry & 4 colored - make a beautiful charm bracelet out of them!

Buy only 1 - and get 2 additional for free!
yes, That's not a mistake :)

Have fun and a great new school year!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Polymeri Online 27.8.10

Look at this dragon eye magnet, It is made with polymer clay and a glass gem. Chris Kapono says it Looks like he may blink at any moment :) doesn't he? oooohhh

Sarajane Helm has uploaded a useful tutorial on how to perfect your photos, check her Digital photography tutorial posted in her site

Lolly Polly is making cute little ornaments, rings, pendants & pins which make you smile (or want to taste them)

Polymer clay by artist Alex Schwartz is sirxela. He takes piles and bits of clay that forms a unique sculpture, some kind of animal? monster? just look and try to guess :) He is also making cute animals which have their own special charachter

Summer vacation is coming to an end in Israel (i believe that the hot weather will stay for a while), and i am preparing some goodies - stay tuned!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Like i promised, my organized studio

2 shelves from Ikea, 8 hours of work and endless items!
are you collecting craft tools, materials, beads, boxes like i am? do you HAVE to buy the new cookie cutter on sale?
I guess the answer is yes :), we have to have it all! just can't resist the temptation of buying the new hottest tool/thing!

fabric organizer for tools

I read so many posts about messy studios, i am curious, is it the same with other craft fields? anyway, after putting everything in place (now i can't seem to remember where i put this/that), everything looks much better - canes in boxes (did you notice most of them in hummus boxes? i just love hummus), cookie cutters in shoe boxes and hummus boxes, tools in a cup with a cool organizer i got as a gift from Julie Picarello, hand cream is ready just in case, a memo board is hanged in place and don't forget the big red bookcases for all OTHER items - it's a pleasure getting in my studio and work now!

boxes of hummus with canes

now - it's your turn! tell me about your studio :)

memo board on the wall
Magnetic Ikea Memo board

cookie cutters in hummus box
boxes of hummus with cookie cutters and tools

have a great weekend, ours is as hot as ever!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Polymeri Online 19.8.10

fantastisch-plastisc h / Tanja's polymer clay resembles all kind of materials, her round pebbels looks like glass combined with stone, and she is also making beautiful ivory and woody jewelry along with other techniques.

Check this Marmolad beads tutorial by nerepitxiak, take clay in all kinds of colors, cut them to pieces, mix, and you have a nice mosaic pattern to use in your beads.

Nicole D. playes with geometric shapes for her bracelets and earings, she uses layered stripes cane to make her jewelry.

Pnina moses is a friend and an Israeli artist which loves art in all kind of forms, besides her work in polymer clay she is also having a great time creating in Papier Mache and porcelain. she is also a dental doctor but that kind of art requires other special skills :)

Friday, August 13, 2010

Polymeri Online 13.8.10

Just got back from IKEA with lovely white shelves to put in my studio, i find it so hard to stay organaized! do you feel the same? every time i put things back in place they somehow, for some reason, go back to a mess! so i figured that i need more storage places and those shelves will look perfect on my walls, promise to post a photo after i'm done!

Links for the Friday the 13th! what a date :)

Lilian Huang's cute little owls reminded me i wanted to make some for a long time, she is from Taipei Taiwan and started to learn PC from April 2010.

papagodesign / Sabine Spiesser from Australia is working on both polymer clay and digital collage, her work is delicate, accurate, and her colors & finish so beautiful.

Dear lone from Norway has posted a tutorial on making her sea urchins using a mold, take a look at her colorful work and her cute mice :)

Janja Prokic's photostream in flickr is full of animals and wonderful sculpturings, she is a jewellery designer moving from Prague to St Malo all the time, At the moment she's studying painting at Academy of Fine Arts in Prague Czech Republic, her clay jewelry are so full of details and facinating to explore.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Polymeri Online 5.8.10

It's seems like ages since i posted, i am all over my head in a big order i have to supply till the end of the month and i am working like crazy (but enjoying every minute!) :)

How about some links to cool the HOT and humid terrible wealther we have in Israel? August is the worst month here, I find myself sleeping/working/sitting on the air condition!

Play the guitar maybe? do you think this will cool the air? Sylvie has shared a nice millefiori tutorial with us on making a guital cane -

Kristie Foss who i met in Maryland @ CFCF has posted some of her creations in her new blog, she works in various materials - Fine Silver PMC, Polymer, Beadweaving, Bronze & Porcelain, i love her mika shift pendants!

and speaking of mika shift, look at these beautiful Spanish organic look jewelry by Tani-Ka,

This is so cute! fimo made hall of fame music characters made by buzhandmade - isn't this wonderful? Paul Mcartney, Billie JOEL, Jim Hendrix, Madonna and more! (photo)

have a cool weekend!